Plenty to be THANKful for, Day 4

Manic Mother
The Blogoverse!

I may sound crazy to some (especially those that don't get blogging), but I've gotten to know some pretty neat folks thanks to blogging!

I first got "plugged in" with other bloggers when I learned about the 20 Something Bloggers group. I met some people there (including most of my geeky and gamer-girl buddies) participated in some link-ups and got to meet some really great peeps from those too, including quite a bit of other newer mommies which has been GREAT!

I love reading and commenting on your snarky rants, crazy fun adventures, and even the more serious posts too. And I've also enjoyed getting to know quite a bit of you via tweeting on Twitter as well!

I'm sure if I was involved in the Blogoverse (or Blogland as I refer to it) I'd get a lot more done during my free time at night... but alas, it is what it is, right? It's my outlet to share, rant, and get to know people I can relate to.

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  1. Meeting (online) other people who are so cool is one of my favorite things about blogging.


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