Just a quick request...

If I could just ask a quick favor from you guys today - please keep Jay in your thoughts and prayers as this afternoon (2pm CST) we'll be seeing a pediatric cardiologist to check out the possible heart murmur his pediatrician thought he heard at his 9 month check-up earlier this month.

He said it's probably nothing or just benign and said it's not uncommon for babies to have a heart murmur when they're little as they grow so rapidly that sometimes the heart has trouble keeping up, but still... The thought of Jay maybe having even more major medical issues... I don't know if I can take it.

I've already accepted the fact that it's a 99% guarentee that he'll have to have the surgery for his ureter tube to open up (in case your new, Jay was born with a deformed left ureter tube that was pinched shut, allowing nothing to go in from or out to his bladder causing his left kidney to be enlarged with excess fluid trapped up in there - the way to fix it is surgery around his 2nd birthday, where they will remove the ureter tube from his bladder, cut off the tapered off, pinched shut part and then reinsert the tube to his bladder so that both kidneys can function correctly and not just 1).

But yeah... I just can't bear to think about the possibility that something else might be majorly wrong, such as a major heart issue that will need surgery or some type of procedure to fix it!

So PLEASE keep us in your thoughts and prayers today as they do some minor testing to figure out if there is a murmur and if it's something serious or not!



  1. Done! Hoping for the best for little Jay!

  2. I'm definitely thinking of y'all today! Keep us posted, good luck!

  3. Thanks everyone - I really do appreciate it! I posted a follow-up in case you guys are curious =)


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