Fun with Our Phones Monday #11

It's Monday! Time for Fun with Our Phones with Savannah & Erin!

Since this past week included Halloween, most of my pics are from Jay's 1st Halloween, but here's some I didn't include the post earlier this week.

Pumpkin onesie I bought him from work that he wore all day, even under his costume
Trying on his costume for the 1st time at my mom's house
We showed himself in the mirror - he thought he looked funny!
My makeshift Princess Leia look
Leia and baby Ewok!
Daddy and son
Looking cute!
Daddy and Jay being silly
Scarecrow face!
Family photo opt!
Jay and Uncle Ethan chillin' with Pooh and Tigger
He chose a Reese's Cup to eat Halloween night, which he devoured and then threw up before bouncing off his sugar rush, lol...
Since our TV in the family room is now mounted on the wall, he has to look up to watch it... he kept laying down, vegging out on the floor and looking up at the TV, lol...
Look - time travel!
Distracted by the TV... I believe he was watching a Pack-It commercial, lol...


What's your thoughts?