Fun with Our Phones Monday #12

It's Monday, which means it's once again time for... 

 My 9 month old baby boy... where have the last 9 months gone?!

My mom was watching him for a bit one night when I was at work and hubby had to go in for his night job... he was climbing across his activity table, lost his footing and smacked his head into the bookshelf nearby. She said it looked a lot worse than this after it happened... it was already looking a lot better the next day though. 20 minutes after this, he was trying to swing like a monkey under the bottom bar of a kitchen chair (I caught him before he smacked the back of his head on the floor >< ) Sadly... he banged his head on the coffee table tonight though and has a huge bump on his head just above this gash... he scares me sometimes - I'm afraid he's going to crack his head open one of these days!!
 "I'm a tough guy, mommy!"

We had hubby take a pic of us in our matching Elmo shirts
right before we left for Sesame Street Live!
At Sesame Street Live! His face lit-up in excitement when the music started and the curtains opened the whole cast started singing and dancing to the Sesame Street theme song!
Maybe a little hard to see, but I saw this while driving - it's a pumpkin-head scarecrow beating another pumpkin-head scarecrow that's hanging by a rope from a tree with a stick! WTF?
Can't really read this one, but someone wrote across the back window of this car "Studet Driver." That's correct - student, but with no "no". /facepalm
Totally forgot I "ordered" this Klout perk! I qualified for a free advanced copy of "The Settlers of Catan" by Rebecca Gale. Apparently it's based off some game hubby's heard of...? The book itself comes out tomorrow. I enjoyed the Klout packaging too!
Jay enjoyed the Klout box too, lol...
(doesn't he look so big here too?! /tear )

I organized this cabinet and moved all my candle stuffs to the middle shelf (there's an assortment of Yankee Candle and PartyLite - I have friends who sell both, lol...) from the drawer in our china cabinet. All Jay's stuff is on the bottom shelf and we have the fish stuff up top. You can see parts of Tiger down below, as she harasses Jay's Fishy.
Figured out how to cabinet with the pots and pans without using his walker!

And you know you have a child in your house when...

Your living room turned family room looks like this...
...and this...
...and there's an obstacle course to get down the basement stairs.
(and yes, I did that painting at the bottom :-D )

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