Fun with Our Phones Monday #13 and a confession!

I have a confession to make before I post today's Fun with our Phones...

When I announced the giveaway winner last week, I mentioned making an announcement on here today.


I was going to announce an eyeshadow holiday swap (you may have heard me asking if anyone would be interested on Twitter recently), however after making up an icon and post all about it... I decided not to go ahead with it.

As someone (I forget who) pointed out on Twitter, there's A TON of swaps already going on that people have signed up for. I know I keep getting emails about ones that I forgot I had signed up for - oops! So yeah, not wanting to go broke buying gifts for ya'll and on postage I decided to not do my eyeshadow swap.

Perhaps next year though, before people have a million and one swaps already in progress.

And now, without further adieu...
I really wanted Velvetta shells and cheese, however I didn't have any Velvetta cheese so I used about 5 Kraft singles and melted them onto my pasta shells. Turned out pretty well - I made this twice for a late night dinner post-work last week!

So much for baby-proofing the cabinets - he figured out how to pull those off!

He also discovered the cabinet with all the plastic containers (I kept that one and the one with the pots and pans unlocked as I read it's good to let babies/toddlers explore and play with those things since they're harmless).

He had grey sweatpants on. Keyword: had.
Hubby and I watched as he stepped on one leg and then the other, essentially pulling his sweatpants off while in his playpen! Guess he didn't want to wear them! LOL

My new "fur-nephew," Bear.
My sis and her boyfriend bought a dog together this past weekend - he's an 8 week old Miniature Australian Shepherd and soooo cute! Jay really likes him too, as he's small and soft and fluffy!

Yes, I put our tree up this weekend.
Traditionally, me and my family have always waited until the weekend after Thanksgiving to pull out the Christmas decorations, however with hubby and I both working Black Friday and the following Saturday, when we're not busy working we're going to be tired and most likely wouldn't be up to it, so I figured it'd be best to get it up this weekend. And yes, there's no ornaments on the bottom 1/3rd - I figured the tree itself and lights were going to be tempting enough for Jay (not to mention Tiger too!) so I left off all the blue shatterproof balls we have and just put the regular ornaments on, but higher up.

This is why I LOVE having an electric fireplace with a mantel - I can decorate it!!! This is the 1st year we get to hang stockings too (I bought them on clearance after Christmas last year) - guess which one's Jay's! I also bought the Jingle Bell tree from Target, as well as a small Nutcracker, a new Nativity scene (the one I had was a cheapy from Walmart and was messy and I wanted a nicer one) and our Dallas Cowboys snowmen family!
I'll be making a post in the near future showing off all the decorations I've gotten and put up for Christmas this year! I love having a house as there's soooo much I can do to decorate!


  1. Omg! Your sisters dog is SO cute!! Looks like my sammy when he was a baby!

  2. Maybe you could do the swap for your Birthday or Blog-versary when there are less swaps going on.

  3. Well... my birthday's in August and the Blog-versary is in November as well... maybe I'll do it for Spring? That could be fun!


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