I met Dave Navarro!

At work, when a customer pays with credit we're supposed to request to see an ID with it if the back of their card is not signed as a security measure, as we're supposed to match their signature for the purchase with that on the back of the card.

Tonight I had a customer whose card was not signed on the back so I requested to see his ID.

I went to match the name on the card with that on the ID...

and hey, whadya know, his name is Dave Navarro!

I smiled but no, I didn't ask or make some crack about the guy being the famous rockstar - I'm sure he gets that PLENTY!

And obviously he wasn't THE Dave Navarro - aside from dark hair and a white complexion, he looked nothing like him.

Still, I thought it was interesting enough to share! Have you ever met someone who shares a name with someone famous? We had a few come through the movie theater when I worked there as well (I remember there once being a Will Smith!).

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