One smart kitty!

My kitty, Tiger, is one smart, hilarious kitty!

Hubby recently got a Motorola Droid a little over a month and a half ago and man! That ringer is LOUD! True, you can turn it down, which I often request that he does, but for some reason he likes to have it blaring with the most annoying ringers (For awhile he had one that sounded like a rooster crowing in your ear!).

Soon after he first got it, I was out of town for my Mary Kay conference. He told me when I got home that he slept with the bedroom door open and when his alarm went off that morning, Tiger came running in, rushing at his phone, smacking it, trying to get to the noise to stop! She was going at it so much she ended up shoving it off the nightstand and onto the floor!


Hubby and I have gotten in the habit of him feeding her in the morning, as most days he gets up before I do and on days I work, I'm usually rushing around so much that it's just easier for him to feed her when he gets up.

Today, he told me he woke up to watching her sitting there on the nightstand, patting/poking at his phone like she was trying to get it to make noise to wake him up so he'd come feed her, as she's come to realize that when the alarm goes off, one of us gets up and out of bed soon after! She wanted her daddy to wake up and feed her! lol...

She's one smart kitty!


  1. Haha I love cats. Mine used to let us know every time the microwave went off because she knew it would be feeding time soon after.

  2. aww she is absolutely adorable!!! Can i catsit? Cats are so much smarter than people think!


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