Uh... WTF US Cellular?

Wasn't planning on posting again tonight, but while online, I just came across this gem of a sidebar advertisement for US Cellular:


Really? You encourage me to click on your ad by "unzipping" a (not what I would call hot) graduate's gown?

1) What does unzipping his gown have to do with purchasing a cell phone from you?
2) I would hope this guy is a college graduate otherwise...
3) If he's a high school graduate - shame on you, US Cellular! Sorry, but I don't go for younger guys period, let alone jailbait!

Anyone else think he kind looks like comedian Demetri Martin?

1 comment:

  1. Wow - creepy. He does sort of look like a young Demitri Martin - who I actually love! But yeah - that kid looks awfully young.


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