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So I was going through my Facebook links I had posted, looking for an article I had posted a link to so I could share it with someone that mentioned it and noticed I had posted some interesting and amusing things on there, but never shared them on here, so here goes!

First up - How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell
I personally find this to be hilarious and sad, but true, being a graphic artist. So many times you'll meet someone that wants you to fix something design-wise, so you talk it over with them and appear to be on the same page so you go and design them something AWESOME. You show it to them and... it's not what they had in mind. They keep making suggestions and by the time you get to the final version, it looks just as terrible as the original and you don't want to take credit for it.

2. The Mosquito Ringtone
I first heard about this at one of my Monday night Mary Kay get-togethers, as one of the girls had mentioned it, but it wasn't until hubby came across this site that we actually got to try it for ourselves. Supposidly kids with cell phones are using these ringtones in class, as it comes in several low-wave frequencies that emits a high-pitched noise where anyone over a certain age can't hear it, kind of like a dog whistle. When hubby was working at the mall, he'd get bored sometimes, as a lot of the traffic was teenagers, so he'd set off the ringtone just to watch them freak out at the high-pitched noise - it was pretty funny!

I saw this product on HSN a week or so ago and then saw a late-night infomercial for it a few days later. Basically, it's an at home silkscreen printing machine. I took an Intro to Printmaking class in college and when we did silkscreen printing, I wish we had this product! We had to do everything the old school hard way and our results weren't nearly as crisp and clear as it looks like you get with this product. If it weren't nearly $250 I would definitely get one of these for myself!

4. How to Write a Nicholas Sparks Movie (by Cracked.com)
This is another "funny, yet true" - start with 2 pretty white people, include an obstacle between them that makes love seem impossible, have them fall in love anyway, throw in a completely out of left-field exploitative awful disaster that only serves to jerk tears and turn an otherwise forgettable romance into a tragedy, go for the only poster design you know, and then count your money! The page has pictures too from some of Sparks' more well-known movies/novels to help illustrate and drive these points home. The rest of the page has some pretty funny Nicholas Sparks-related articles on it too.

5. An article that Men Create More Housework for Women
I don't know about you, but I found this to be true! It goes on to say that guys create 7 hours of extra work around the home for us women each week, from picking up after them, to making them food, to putting their clothes away, and countless other chores. I thought it was an interesting article.

Saving the best for last - 9 Awesome Star Wars Propaganda Posters

A friend posted a link to this on Facebook and I just had to share it! These are just a few of my favorites, although they're all neat! Check em out!

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