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http://static.glee.wetpaint.me/photos/Shelby-and-Rachel-comp-smal.jpgTo those that watched this week's episode of Glee - what did you think of the Gaga episode? Honestly, I don't think "Poker Face" was the best song for that tough moment between Lea Michelle's and Idina Menzel's characters:
"Mom who-gave-me-up-and-then-wanted-me-to-come-find-her-but-now-realizes-she-doesn't-want-a-teenage-daughter-after-meeting-me, before you walk out of my life again will you sing a song with me?"


Yeah... not exactly the best song for the moment.

The only interpretation I can make is that they're saying they're gonna put on poker faces around each other from now, but... the rest of the lyrics don't make any sense or pertain to this goodbye moment. At least their duet last week of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables made sense...

Also, did anyone find it hard to look at Quinn and take her seriously when Puck was singing "Beth" to her? I mean she had those LOOOOONG fake hot pink eyelashes that were more distracting than anything during that scene!
So the hubby and I have never gotten into Lost.

http://www.abductit.com/files/articles/tvlogos/LOST-logo.jpgWhen it first came out, I recall my ex's mom raving about it, but neither boyfriend at the time nor myself trusted her judgement in shows - she was hooked on Grey's Anatomy which neither of us had any interest in, so we figured we wouldn't be interested in this one either.

By the time some of my friends started talking about how great it was, it was well into the series and I just never got around to getting caught up to watch it.

Sunday, after the Celebrity Apprentice finale was over, we were flipping channels and noticed the last 30 minutes of the Lost finale was on and decided to watch, just to see how this series ended. We knew the basic premise - a plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and the survivors are stuck on a secluded island, will they ever get off it? How will they survive? I'm sure there's more to it, but that's the gist, right?

Anyways, yeah... seeing how it ended, kinda glad to know I was duped for 6 seasons - such a cop-out, lame way to end a show that was as hyped as this one!

http://www.starksilvercreek.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Android-Market-App-Droid-11.JPGI finally "get" Twitter now.

Until recently, I never really made much use of it aside from keeping in touch with a few friends who don't update their Facebook statuses that often as well as "follow" some celebs and get newsfeed. To me, it just seemed like a mini-Facebook status network.

But then, I got a smartphone and now I'm often "tweeting" but whatever random thing pops in my head while I'm doing whatever, as I got my phone on or near me at any given time.

Speaking of Twitter - I had my first interaction with a sorta celebrity today.

I've been following Heather Chadwell, of VH1 and Rock of Love fame (she was the season 1 runner-up, with guest appearances on seasons 2 and 3), as I've enjoyed watching on RoL, as well as I Love Money and Rock of Love: Charm School. While I thought she started acting a bit strange towards the end of RoL:CS, I thought it'd be fun to follow her. She's also had minor roles on other TV shows

Anyways, today she posted this:
(*note* VH1sfarrah is Farrah from season 3 of Rock of Love - Rock of Love Bus)

I sometimes reply to things celebs post, but never expect an answer, as they have a bunch of followers and probably don't see or read all of the replies to them, let alone respond. This is what I replied:
 Then, not soon after, I got my first direct message - from Heather!

How cool is that? Someone semi-famous personally responded to me! I'm sure that those of you that use Twitter regularly have had a famous person respond to you at least once - this was a first for me though so I was a bit excited!

I can't stand George Lopez's monologues on his late night show - he *really* needs to go back to sitcoms.

It's one thing to make a political joke, but to go off on a tirade during your comedy bit is not funny. Same with making fun of people that aren't latino or whatever - Carlos Mencia and Dave Chappelle both know how to do it so it's funny, but George Lopez doesn't - he drops the comedy and goes off on a spiteful, bitter tirade. Just because you have the microphone and a platform doesn't mean you should meanfully go off about things when you're supposed to be funny.

I hate it when I go see a band and one of the opening bands goes off on a political rant in the middle of their set - I've been at shows where those bands get booed until they stop - people pay good money to go to concerts and hear the music and have a good time, not your political stances. Same goes for late-night talk shows - people watch to relax as their night winds down, to get all riled up because the host wants to go off on some rant.

http://morrisonworldnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Arizona-immigration-03.jpgSpeaking of the Arizona Immigration law, I really don't see what the big fuss is about - it was already a law on the national level but it wasn't being enforced so they passed it one at the state level so they could deal with it themselves. Why are we fussing about something that's always been there?

Besides, looking at the way other countries treat illegals, getting deported and sent back to wherever is a pretty light punishment - in other countries, in addition to get deported you have to pay a hefty fine and in some you can be jailed up to like 10 years! Even in Mexico, they charge you with a felony and can put you in jail for up to 2 years just for stepping over the border illegally and if you do it again after they deport you, they jail you for 10 years!

Okay, so some illegals have kids here, who since they were born on US soil makes them legal residents and the illegals are being taken away from their families. Well, yeah, that is sad... but you were here illegally - if it was that important to you, why not start and complete the process to become a legal immigrant like so many others have? Why are you any different from the rest of the immigrants that live here? I'm not saying they deserve to be separate from their kids, but they really should have thought things through and considered the fact that they might get caught and deported some day.

I don't usually like to get too political, as everyone's got their own opinion on the issues, so please don't get offended - it's just my opinion and I really don't see what the big fuss is about this law, it was already a national law, all they did was make it a state law too so the state could enforce it since the gov't wasn't.

Mary Kay® Subtle Tanning LotionI'm trying the Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion, as my legs - especially below my knees - tend to be pasty white and I never seem to get out enough for them to get some color. It says to apply daily like you would any lotion and in a few days you'll start to see a difference and by the end of the week you'll reach your maximum color. I'll let you guys know how it works!

http://blog.80millionmoviesfree.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/the-karate-kid-movie-2010.jpgSo there's a new Karate Kid movie coming out in a few weeks starring Will Smith's son Jaden and Jackie Chan. Granted, I'm not a fan of classic movies being redone - somethings should be left untouched - but this sounds more like a spin off with the same name. Jackie Chan is in the Mr. Miyagi role, but thank God they didn't try to pass him off as him - instead his name is Mr. Han.

Also, in the trailer, Jackie Chan tell's Jaden "I will teach you real Kung-Fu!" Um... this is called the KARATE Kid and not the Kung-Fu Kid, right? Since when does Kung-Fu equal Karate?

I'm so confused...


  1. They could be mother/daughter, they look alike! I agree, my roomie and I were like "Um why are they singing poker face?"! I know it was Lada Gaga night but it's not the best mother/daughter song when you're talkin about gettin hot and buttering a muffin...yeah.
    lol her pink eyelashes were ridic! Wouldn't that make your eye heavy?

  2. I loved the whole mother/daughter drama interaction, and I love hearing Lea and Idina sing together, but yeah, "Poker Face" was not the best song choice. I almost cried when they sang "I Dreamed a Dream."

    I was never a Lostie, either. I even tried to get back into it on multiple occasions, and it never stuck... There's much better TV out there.

    And I want to get acknowledged by a celeb (or pseudo-celeb) on Twitter, too! My closest is a convo with a webcomic writer.

  3. I agree, I thought it was really weird when they sang "Poker Face". Really not the poignant song I would have expected for that situation. My boyfriend, on the other hand, thought it was great; he got a little teary eyed while they were singing it! What'd'ya know?

    I thought the pink eyelashes were really cool...but I guess you're right, I did spend most of that song fixated on them as they fluttered.

    Wait, you never really watched Lost and then you watched the last 30 minutes and expected to get what was going on? The ending has been debated (I think mainly people are annoyed that more questions weren't answered), but I haven't heard people call it lame. I saw a lot of tension, development, and revelations in the finale. In what way did you think it was a cop-out?

  4. The whole "they were dead the whole time/they never got off the island" bit.

    It reminds me of the whole "it was all just a dream, none of what you saw actually happened" cop-out scenario some shows do (*cough*dallas*cough*), when shows that do it just makes me feel like I wasted my time watching something that never mattered.

    In this case, one of the interpretations I keep hearing about is that they never actually survived the plane crash and like the guy at the end said - it was just a place they all created to hang onto each other and meet up in the afterlife until they were ready to say goodbye or whatever.

    Seems kind of a lame cop-out to us, lol... "oh, they were all dead, what you watched for 6 seasons never actually happened."

  5. I thought the Poker Face song choice was weird too!! But... who am I kidding. I still really liked it - they both sing beautifully.


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