This totally made my night!

So a HIGHLY amusing thing that I just learned tonight (via my college roommate) is that my ex, after us breaking up over 3 years ago (December of '06), finally has a new girlfriend.

The fact he has a girlfriend isn't the amusing part though - the amusing part is the information we gathered from her Facebook page, as my old roomie is still listed as a friend of my ex's on there and his new girlfriend's page must have it so friends of friends can view her stuff, as my former roomie could.

So his new girlfriend is clearly into anime, which doesn't surprise me as that was pretty much the only thing that could pry my ex away from WoW. She lists that one of her main interests is "Vidya Gamezz." She lives in Texas (we live in Illinois) so it's apparent he most likely met her online (probably playing "vidya gamezz"). Oh and there doesn't appear to be a single actual photo of her in any of her albums, as they're all filled with anime character photos and Farmville-type app photos.

Now I got nothing against female "vidya gamezz" players as I'm female and play "vidya gamezz" (although I think this spelling of it is ridiculous). And meeting each other online, okay well, the first 2 weeks prior to meeting in person him and I would literally pull all-nighters on AIM, however we only lived an hour and a half away and visited each other weekly and once school started up again we saw each other 24/7 practically - quite a bit different than living 15+ hours away. And I got nothing against anime - I used to watch it regularly and even cosplayed at ACEN all the years I went (minus the first year).

But, based off her profile page, she seriously sounds like one of those overly hyperactive anime obsessed girls who acts like they're 12.

There was one girl like that that my roommate and I knew from some of our art classes in college. She was nice and her art was pretty neat, but... she was a bit extreme at times. I remember my roommate had like an 8am class with her one semester and she seriously wanted to kill the girl at times to get her to shut up, as she'd start with the high pitched anime voices that early in the morning.

My ex's new girlfriend sounds a lot like this.

Which I guess is fine if you're in junior high, high school and maybe even in college... but not for anyone older. (Granted her age wasn't on her page, but he's almost 30).

I'm sure she's probably nice, however not knowing her (and not really caring to know her), we only know what her profile page tells us and I gotta say, this little bit of info totally made my night as I can't stop laughing since my roommate told me and sent me the link to her profile! Thanks Jeny!! I wish hubby was awake so I could show him, as I know he'd probably get a good laugh out of it too.

I mean seriously - not to sound like a bitch, but he's turning 28 this summer, still lives at home with his parents, and is dating a girl that sounds like she's 12 whom he probably only knows online as she lives nowhere near him. Talk about not growing up!

Have I mentioned before that I'm soooo glad I broke up with him?

Don't you just love finding out information like this about your exes?  Totally made my night!

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