Music Shuffle Monday 5.31.10

http://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png1. "Frozen" by Celldweller
I first heard learned about Celldweller when I was working at the movie theater, as one of his songs ("Own Little World" Remorse Code mix) was the end credit song to The Hills Have Eyes 2. I first heard it while cleaning up the theater and fell in love with the sound. It's rock fused with electronics - I LOVED it and had to have it, so I went online and found his entire first album as well as a few other tracks and Celldweller became one of my favorite artists. I also learned, while cleaning out stuff in my desk soon after, that I had been giving a demo sampler of a few of his songs (which I now had)after coming out of a show at the House of Blues years prior - it even included a free ticket to his show there weeks later... I kinda kicked myself, as when I got it I stuck away and forgot about it for years - kinda wished I had listened to it years prior! Klayton (aka Celldweller) is talking of performing live again soon though, so I'm hoping to catch his set next time he's in Chicago, as I would LOVE to see him live.

2. "SOS (Anything But Love)" by Apocalyptica
Off their Worlds Collide album and featuring the chick from Lacuna Coil on vocals for this track, I know I've written about Apocalyptica before - they're a Finnish rock/metal orchestra. Most of their songs are instrumentals but on some tracks they include vocalists from current popular rock bands. The whole album's pretty good - I highly recommend it! They also have a new album coming out this year too - I can't wait to hear it!

3. "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" by Meatloaf
You can't really knock Meatloaf - he's got great vocals and a sort of epic-ness to his songs. I remember first seeing this music video as a kid in the early-mid 90s, as watching VH1 was something my friend and I would do often. We loved it because it was kind of a Beauty and the Beast type story told in the video - Meatloaf plays a disfigured looking man in a gothic castle who's staff takes care of young beautiful woman whom they take in. Meatloaf's character falls for her though and wants to keep her and stay with her forever. It was a really epic video at it's time and really made me love music videos that tell a story along with the song - I hate it when videos have nothing to do with the song. As kids though, we never understood what "that" was that he wouldn't do.

4."Nocturnally" by Static X
Off their Cult of Static album comes this one. This whole CD really flows pretty well together. Not really much to say about this track though - it's typical Static X - heavy and dark... you can move to it/headbang to it...

5. "Say It Loud" by Skillet
From their 3rd album Invincible, this one takes a little more electronic direction to it. Not one of their heavier, rockin' songs either, but it's catchy and upbeat and kinda fun, as singer John Cooper chants "Gotta say it loud... gotta shout it out!"

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