New Month, New Goals

First off, for those that physically visit my blog instead of just reading my posts in a reader - thoughts on the new-ish layout? In case you missed it, I did have with the current background in a 2-column format, but decided to give the 3-column format another try. What do you think? I'm currently indecisive about the background - if I like it enough to keep it, but I guess we'll see.

At the beginning of May, I put together a list of goals for the month. Now that the month is over, let's see how I did.
1. Read 4 books this month
I only finished 3 this month, just starting the 4th tonight. In May I read the latest Sookie Stackhouse book - Dead in the Family - which came out at the beginning of the month, I finished Son of a Witch - book 2 in the Wicked series, which I started in April, and Coraline, by Neil Gaiman.

2. Exercise at least twice a week
Yeah, I failed on this one. The first week of the month it was rainy pretty much everyday, so I couldn't use the bike/walking path and our TV in the living room broke and I can't ride the exercise bike if I have nothing to distract me. I did workout a bit once a week though, so it's not like I blew this one off entirely - I went rollerblading, I rode the bike a few times, I got the Shake Weight and a thighmaster that I use several times a week now... so not a total loss.

3. Get caught up on Entourage
Soooo close! This one's more dependant on hubby though, as I can't really watch it without him as we're watching it together and the only time we really have time to watch it together with his work schedule is on the weekends. We did get pretty far - we have 8 episodes left in the 6th season and then we'll be all caught up for the 7th season premiere near the end of June.

4. Work on design stuff
Didn't do much with the Zazzle stuff, but I did work on some business-related stuff my dad wanted me to design for him and hubby has a project for me as well to work on this month...

5. Call Mary Kay corporate and get the ball rolling on sending back the rest of what I have
I did this almost 2 weeks ago, just waiting for the paperwork to come in the mail so I can mail stuff back and get a check to pay off the card I opened to put my initial inventory on.

6. Finish my panels for above the stove
Almost done - I decided to change one of the colors and I finished 2 of the 3, I've just been waiting for the 3rd to finish drying so I can finish it up.

7. Put together a centerpiece for our table
I decided to scratch this one - I have an idea in my head and there's a few things at Walmart I'd like to buy for it, but... I thought about it and I'd rather wait til we have a house before I really put together a centerpiece for our table.

8. Try a new food
Did this one twice - hubby and I went to Coldstone Creamery for the first time and split some of their ice cream, and then the next week we went to a sushi bar and tried several types of sushi and california rolls.

9. Spend sometime with friends
This I did - I hung out with one of my friends and her newborn and 3 year old. We would have gotten together again but one week she had stuff the day I'm over on that side of town and then the next week they were out of town. It was still fun though - I hung out and sat around and chatted with her for several hours. 
 So, now... onto goals for June:

1. Read 2 books this month
Yes, a step down from last month, but the next 2 I have picked out I'm not sure how much I'm going to enjoy them - if I'll be able to get into them enough to breeze through them or not.

2. Exercise twice a week
This should be a permanent list item, as it encourages me to get off my ass.

3. Go swimming at least once
Now that the pools are officially open, why not? We have several local park district pools (one I could even walk to) that only cost a few bucks to get in as well as a water park that I just learned admission is only $10 on Tuesdays - just the other day when it was really hot out I was thinking how nice it would be to spend an afternoon floating down the Lazy River.

4. Make plans to go to a concert
I'm hopefully seeing Powerman5000 (for a 4th time) up in Madison later this month, but even so, there's several other shows I'm interested in going to this summer that are fairly cheap, so I hope to go to at least one concert this summer - I haven't been to a show since I saw Nine Inch Nails on my birthday last summer!

5. Participate in Project 365
I started this like a week ago, but really failed on it the last 2 days. What it is, is you take a picture everyday for a year, posting your photos every so often. I figure, my phone has a decent camera on it and I recently spent $1 on an app that turns your photos into collages that you can upload to the web, so it could be fun... I just need to remember to take a photo of something everyday.

6. Try something new
Last month I specified food, but this month it doesn't have to be - it could be food, an activity, a place... just anything I haven't tried before

7. Visit with friends
This should be an easy one, as I already have plans made to visit at least once with my college roommate when she's up here from Dallas for her brother's high school graduation, and if the Powerman5000 plans go accordingly, I'll be hanging out with my 2 favorite brother in laws and maybe a female friend of hubby's I've gotten to know online.

8. Go see Sex and the City 2 with someone
This one could be a challenge as I only have a handful of female friends in the area who would consider seeing it and only a select few who have seen the first movie, let alone the entire series. I'm not a SATC fanatic, but I've watched the entire series like 5 times on TBS late at night and enjoyed the 1st movie enough to watch it a 2nd time, so I would like to see the next chapter in the story of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. I'd go see it by myself if it came down to it, but what female wants to go see a movie about 4 friends by herself? Seems a little ironic and a bit sad if you ask me... I have a friend who lives out of town who said she'll be in town this weekend and might be able to join me, but we'll see when the time comes.


  1. I've wanted to read Coraline and Son of a Witch for a while. Are they any good???

  2. Your number 8 for this month makes me sad. Why do you want to see the continuing story of 3 old hookers and their grandma? All I can say is ... I can't wait till the commercials are off the air so I can stop hearing that damn song they play with it.

    However, there are other movies that I will go see with you if you need someone, namely one that I am building my movie karma on ... you know what I'm talking about and no I won't say it aloud >.> <.<

  3. Yeah Gryn... I don't even know if *I* want to waste the money to go see that one... might just wait til the RiffTrax comes out so it's at least bearable... the 1st one was terrible and the 2nd one I was soooooo bored in!

    Coraline was pretty good - slightly different from the movie and not nearly as scary or disturbing as I was expecting based on the hype, but if you enjoyed the movie you'll love the book.

    Have you read Wicked at all? If you liked that one you'll like Son of a Witch - it's a bit slow in some spots, as I find most of MacGuire's books to be, but it did pick up in some of the chapters and I was able to breeze through those. I hope he goes back and continues Liir's story though, as he just kinda left the end open.

  4. Great job on your goals! You are so much better at completing yours than I am (specifically the reading one).

    And good choice on coldstone creamery!! Their ice cream is soooooo good.. but unfortunately it is also very expensive :(


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