Oh the people you'll meet...

Last week, I talked about my friend Bjorn and that reminded me that in WoW, you really do meet people from all over the world!

Early on in the game, back in Vanilla, I met quite a few Aussies! We loved our Aussie guild members - they had the best accents on Vent and were just awesome in general!

This shadow priest called Minpain (I called him Minneh for short) was one of my favorites, as he was a guild regular for the longest time and our resident shadow priest... until they created the Oceanic Realms and he eventually transferred over (it did make sense, despite us missing him). One of our favorite things to ask the Aussies was if they drank Foster's, as the commercials say "Foster's - Australian for beer!" The response was always "No! We DON'T EVEN HAVE Foster's over here!" lol... it was amusing.

I also actively participated in an early morning ZG raid group back in Vanilla. It was put together by a friend who was up late, started at 4 or 5am, usually went til about 7am (unless half the raid fell asleep at their keyboard first) and consisted of foreigners like Aussies or late night people like myself. Also on this run was a notorious gold farmer character named Marabettas.

Why did we bring along the server's most well known gold farmer? Simple really, the character was a mage and despite being a Chinese gold farmer (I kid you not!) they actually knew how to play the character when they weren't ninja-looting everything and we needed a mage and this was often one of the few that were on. Those of us that ran this run regularly had no problem with it, as we Master Looted everything and did rolls on a need/greed basis (she would literally call "need" on everything but we often ignored it unless we could tell it was actually an upgrade for her). I remember one time she actually started hitting on Minpain too - scared the crap out of him as she started doing all the /kiss /hug /love emotes to him and was all /yell-ing "Marabettas loves Minpain!" for a bit in one run. We also knew it various people played the character, as sometimes her English was better than other times and sometimes she was awesome while other times she literally did nothing on trash.

Some people thought we were nuts for running with this character and a few PuGs refused to join once they saw she was in the raiding, "informing" us she was a ninja looting gold farmer, despite us pointing out we knew and it was being Master Looted so she couldn't steal everything. Oh well, despite her trying to sell items during the raid, her constant calling "need" on items she couldn't wear and her hitting on Minpain, we kept her under control.

Later on, the active guild I was in on my Boomkin last year, the core of the guild was from Scotland with a girl from Sweden or Norway.

It. Was. Awesome.

If you ever want to be entertained and confused in Vent, listen to a few Scottish blokes chat with their heavy accent and use Scottish slang - it's the funniest thing ever! They'd get really into it too and start speaking all fast... hubby and I would sit there, busting out laughing at the fact we had no clue what they were babbling on about - in raid chat we ended up asking someone to translate, lol... fortunately the guild was like half Scottish, half American, but it was still awesome!

For those that play WoW, have you met any awesome foreigners during your journeys?


  1. When I played, I met a German, and a Norweigian. I LOVED their accents.. and their English was amazing!

  2. I've met a lot of foreigners, but my favorite is my good friend, Mirriban. He's pretty much a badass Australian and he might be coming to the US to visit next year! He has a lot of friends in TX, so I told him to stop by.

  3. I've met people from everywhere, but my favorite accents to hear on vent are australian :)


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