Simon's Cat

A friend on Facebook mentioned these videos the other day.

I looked them up on YouTube and about died laughing, after watching them all.
I showed them to hubby and he cracked up too!

This guy (I'm assuming his name is Simon) does these 2 minute animated shorts that involve his cat doing various things. They're hilarious because they mimic a cat's mannerisms and behavior SOOO well - it's dead on!

In several of the videos, we were watching and point out "Tiger does that!" or "That's what Tiger does!" such as the little butt wiggle before pouncing, the kneading on EVERYTHING, the meowing for attention, trying to catch a bug, and more!

Here's 3 of my favorites, but there's a handful of them you can watch on YouTube. There's also one called Simon's Sister's Dog, which reminds me of my parent's dog looking for scraps under the table at holiday dinners!

This morning, watching Tiger harass hubby who was trying to sleep while I got ready for work reminded me of this one - all she's missing is the baseball bat!

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  1. I LOVE the one with the fly, I LOL'd IRL.

  2. I loved these!!! Cats are hilarious.. I especially loved the first video when the cat takes up the entire couch as soon as he gets up. Mine does that all the time to me!


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