What is wrong with Miley Cyrus and her parents?!

So I know a lot of people lately have been commenting about Miley Cyrus' latest video - Can't Be Tamed - and commenting about how racy and sexual it is for a 17 year old with a tween fan base, but did anyone catch her performances at the recent MuchMusic Awards?

I didn't either, but I just a few clips of it on E! News and wow... what are her parents thinking?!

This is the outfit she wore while performing "Party in the USA":
Can you say teenage jailbait vixen?

And here's what she wore while performing "Can't Be Tamed":
Yes, that's lingerie... on a 17 year old. At the beginning of the performance she came out with a matching silky wrap too which she stripped off.

Seriously, what the hell are her parents thinking? Yes, she's a teenager, but no, teenagers don't parade around in lingerie that one would wear on their wedding night!

A lot of people have said what she's doing is no different than what Christina and Britney were doing 10 years ago. The difference though between Miley and them is that their main fan base was closer in age to them - Miley went right from her kid-friendly Disney Channel show to this and the majority of her fan base are tweens and preteens. When Christina and Britney came out, I was a freshman in high school - only 2 or 3 years younger than them - and while they bared their midriffs, the sexuality really wasn't that in your face; their fashions weren't really that out of tune with what high school kids were actually wearing. And again, they were right around the same age as their target demographic. Yes, they too were on a Disney's New Mickey Mouse Club, however they were was a brief hiatus between the show and their music careers taking off.

As much as Miley's living up the moment right now, her transition to "growing up" wouldn't be as shocking or disturbing as it is if she took a good year or 2 away and then broke out with a new image/sound/whatever, spacing herself from her Hannah Montana image and fan base.

Watching the latest Miley video and her performances at the MuchMusic Awards, I feel dirty, knowing she's not even legal and she's strutting her "goods" around like that. Billy Ray Cyrus should be ashamed for his lack of parenting - my dad would shoot me if I ever went out in anything remotely like that in public, let alone in front of an audience!

"Growing up" does not mean you have to strut yourself around sexually like there's no tomorrow. 

There's plenty of young females in Entertainment who have kept their clothes on - take Kelly Clarkson for example, she's the original American Idol and has sold millions and millions of records. Her music is pretty positive and well, you don't see her strutting around in lingerie! Even the Olsen Twins, despite the one having anorexia (which she admitted to, addressed it and got help for it), are some of the richest girls in entertainment due to the kid-friendly empire they built; they too have grown up but you don't see them strutting around in next to nothing! And Natalie Portman's another strong female and former childstar who made a great transition into growing up without turning into a trainwreck - she even went to Harvard and graduated! And those are just the first few off the top of my head.

Yes, parents do have a responsibility to control what their kids watch and listen to, but you can't shelter them from EVERYTHING - it's not possible. Even if you don't allow it in your home, they'll get exposed to it elsewhere or behind your back - I remember as a kid, my parents wouldn't let me watch MTV, but my best friend's parents didn't care if she did and her 2 older brothers were always watching it, so from time to time I would catch some of it over at her house. In Jr. High I used to sneak watching TRL in our basement after school. I also wasn't allowed to listen to Top40 music in the early 90s because my parents didn't think songs like Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" was appropriate for a 6 year old. But again, my best friend's parents didn't care if she did so I would hear that stuff we didn't listen to in my house at hers.

With the internet now, kids watch and listen to almost anything - I forget who it was that blogged about it, but someone pointed out that just going down the iTune's top tracks recently and listening to the 30 second clips of them, one of the rap songs had swear word after swear word in it, just in a 30 second clip! Any kid with half a brain knows how to work iTunes. And with Youtube, while some videos require you to sign in and confirm you're 18 to view them, any kid that can do math can figure out what year they need to put in to make themselves 18. I agree, parents should be monitoring what their kid is doing online, but a lot don't. And who knows what images they're being to exposed to with the click of a button?

I think if these Hollywood parents would actually parent they could prevent their kids from turning into the trainwrecks that have become oh so common in Hollywood these days.

Take Lindsay Lohan for example - she had a very promising career and a lot of the big names in Hollywood she worked with all stated she has a talent for acting and could become great. However, look what happened - she started hanging around with the party girls of Hollywood and got too involved with drugs and alcohol to the point where her career suffered. Maybe if her parents took the time to parent her and teach her and guide her she wouldn't have turned into the trainwreck she has become. Even look at Britney now and her comeback - a large part of it is due to her family stepping in and keeping her in check at 28 years old - if her family didn't intervene and help put her back on track she'd probably be dead by now.


It's pretty sad that parents like Billy Ray Cyrus seem to think this type of behavior and dress is "normal" for a teenage minor and do nothing about it. Last I checked, unless your child is emancipated, they're still your responsibility until they are of legal age and you still have the final say in what they do and wear!


  1. i've said it before, and i'll say it again: if she was 21.. hell, if she was 18.. i'd be way more ok with it.. but i feel dirty looking at pics of a 17 year old in lingerie. cant believe her parents support it!

  2. I completely agree!
    She was just on the freakin' Disney channel. She is making young girls think that all they have to offer in life is their body. :/

  3. I agree. She's trying to transition into an adult star, but it's too soon for her and her fan base. She's always kind of driven me crazy, but these latest antics seem to be in very poor taste. What are they thinking? Ew.

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