Entourage premieres tonight!

Keeping in line with sharing about the premieres of TV shows...

Tonight marks the season 7 premiere of Entourage on HBO.

http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs330.snc3/29123_396738466686_6459871686_4396033_8194776_n.jpgLike I've said previously, this show is basically the male equivalent to Sex and the City.

The premise is pretty simple - Vincent Chase is a young up and coming movie star after talent agent Ari Gold saw him in a Mentos commercial and noticed his potential, taking him under his wing in LA and making him a film star. The series follows the ups and downs of Vince's career as struggles to stay on top while finding movie roles he likes and wants to do. Joining him in LA from their home in Brooklyn are his older brother Johnny "Drama" who was a lead actor on a 90's cult sci-fi show called Viking Quest, best friend Eric "E" Murphy who eventually becomes Vince's manager, and other best friend Turtle who serves as Vince's driver and errand boy.

Throughout the series each of the boys comes into their own - Johnny struggles to get back in the business after having been gone for so long, as he hates being dependent on his baby bro; Eric attempts to go somewhere as a manger and even as a producer at one point, but struggles throughout the series with both, as well as managing Vince's career and takes it hard when Vince fails as he feels like it's his fault for not being a better manager; he also struggles with love as things are on again, off again with the lovely Sloane (who's also the daughter of Ari's former partner); Turtle struggles with making a name for himself, finding something he's good at to make a living, he also eventually has a cute relationship with Jamie-Lynn Seigler from The Sopranos. Ari also struggles with juggling his family and his career, building up his talent agency empire - also, he feels Vince is his star client but when his agency begins to grow, he struggles with making as much time for Vince as he used to.

See? It's like Sex and the City for guys!

What's also neat about this show is that Mark(y Mark) Whalberg is one of the executive producers, as the show is based loosely around his early life and career as an actor trying to make it in the Biz, only toned down a bit as they didn't want all the drugs/violence he was involved in to be included. Also, there's TONS of celebrity cameos - some playing other characters, others (such as Anna Faris, Gary Busey, Bob Saget, Seth Green, and Jamie-Lynn Seigler) playing fictional versions of themselves (although Bob Saget does make you wonder...).

We started watching this one back in January when the "edited" version premiered on SpikeTV (the only difference is that the nudity is slightly toned down and some of the language is edited) however SpikeTV kept changing the night it aired with every seasons worth of episodes (which got very annoying!) so we just got the whole series on the computer and caught up that way and on onDemand.

The only thing we're confused about is how they're marketing this season so dramatically, like you would the final season of a show... but online it states the show still has like 3 more seasons left as well as a theatrical movie to officially end the series.

If you like shows about a group of friends and their adventures together and don't mind a little R-rated nudity and language be sure to check out Entourage! New episodes air Sunday nights on HBO at 10:30/9:30c

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