My take on Gaga's latest video - Alejandro

So I just finally got around to watching Lady Gaga's latest video for the song "Alejandro" (a few days late, I'm aware).

http://a123.g.akamai.net/f/123/12465/1d/www.dose.ca/music/Watch+Lady+Gaga+Alejandro+Video+Then+Pray+That+Steampunk+Fashion+Doesn+Catch/3127559/3127558.bin?size=dose462There's no hiding - Gaga is one of my current guilty pleasures. Her songs have a catchy beat to them, I find the lyrics to usually be ridiculous yet entertaining, and her clothes - you never know what Gaga's going to show up wearing next! Her videos are usually somewhat artistic and from a creative perspective, I like them and the whole Gaga "brand."

First off, I would like to point out that I whole-heartly agree with those that say this song feels like an Ace of Base song - it does. It's got a similar to beat to that which you would find on their first album, The Sign (especially compared to "Don't Turn Around"). Perhaps it's because many in the current, younger generation don't remember Ace of Base, but those from my generation do - we LOVED Ace of Base - so hearing the beat and sound on this track, we can hear the resemblance.

Also, flipping through www.totallylookslike.com on my phone last night, I came across these images from the video, and honestly - the resemblances are amusing!

I also think Gaga looks like Mira Sorvino is this one:

Anyways, to break down the video...
It's dark and gritty, that's for sure!

First we get the marching/dancing "Moe's" in military formation. Then we see a Abe Sapion-esque Gaga overseeing the "Moe's."

Then when the 2nd verse kicks in, we witness a good minute of bondage-clad Gaga and crew withering around on beds, humping and grinding and later dancing in underwear (Gaga's is flesh tone of course).

Then we see her in a catholic robe type outfit, in a scene that's reminiscent to Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video. She also mimics Madonna in a look from the "Vogue" video and eventually, in a machine-gun bra (reminiscent to Madonna's infamous cone bra) they start doing the actual Vogue dance from the "Vogue" video.

In the end there's several dark military scenes of a guy that must be Alejandro with flashes back to the humping and grinding scene from the 2nd verse, then we saw Gaga surrounded by a group of the "Moe's" having her catholic robe-type outfit groped and ripped off by them, almost like they're wanting to gang rape her.

The video ends with her laying on a bed wearing a pleather looking red dress hooked up by strings or cables like a puppet, while a "Moe" keeps watch from the edge of the bed. The video screen appears to melt away, starting with her face and then it cuts out.

For those that want to watch it for themselves, here ya go - just keep in mind, it's most likely NSFW, pending where you work and it's not really appropriate for young kids either...

Yeah... I liked her other videos, but not so much this one. I don't really "get" this one.

I like videos that tell a story, in which the majority of the ones she's put out in the past year do ("Paparazzi," "Bad Romance," and "Telephone"), this one... I can't figure out the storyline, other than there's a lot of groping going on during the last 2/3rds of it. I think the video could have done without a lot of that and the whole gang rape build up at the end.

Also, I'm not really a fan of short hair/"butch" look - just doesn't really look attractive on her and draws too much attention to her face, which is actually kind of plain...

Does anyone else get this video?
If so, can you explain it to me?

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  1. Well on a side note, I was in the Paris last night, and came across a chineese lady gaga cover band. it was hilarious

  2. LOL that sounds like it would be funny!

    Does your phone take video? I would have taped a bit of it and posted it on facebook so we could all see and have a good laugh at it, lol...

  3. I was so confused after I saw the video that I actually looked up the Wikipedia article to find out more about what all the imagery means vs. what the song is about. Apparently it has to do with Gaga's admiration for the love and strength of her male gay friends. Which is all well and good, but I still maintain that Bad Romance is WAY better.

  4. Well it just wouldn't be a Gaga video if I didn't feel massively uncomfortable during parts of it! I agree that it's definitely not my favorite (um, Bad Romance, duh!), but it's still Gaga, and thus, I still love it.

  5. Well, her love for Madonna is all over that video.

    I was reading some kind of synopsis (I forgot where) and it said that her video is about a virtuous woman who is torn by her beliefs (which is why she is dressed as a nun) and chasing her love which would ultimately lead her down an "evil" path. So she is torn throughout the video between good and evil, and at the end, by swallowing the rosary, she is saying she chose the virtuous route.

  6. Interesting synopsis's...

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one wondering what was going on in this video and having trouble figuring it out! lol...


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