Yay Chicago!!

So I've never really gotten into hockey, as honestly, I've never really known anyone that was and I didn't get to go to my first game until just this past January. 

Hubby explained it to me, so I kinda get it for the most part, although I still ask questions.

Thanks to Facebook, I've learned that our nearby Chicago Blackhawks made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Also, my college roomie has really gotten into hockey this past year and cheers on the Blackhawks often, despite living in Dallas now. She's up here visiting this week for her little brother's graduation and was really excited as the Stanley Cup Finals are going on while she's here. Tonight she was all excited about going into Chicago and hopefully getting to go to a Chicago Hockey Riot.

Well, she got her wish - BLACKHAWKS WON!!! Yay Chicago!

It's their first Stanley Cup title in like 49 years too!

I would have joined her if I didn't have work tomorrow morning - the train getting out of Chicago must be crazy tonight! Dude, you better post pictures on Facebook - I want to see all the excitement!

Maybe next year I'll get into hockey a bit more - we'll see =)


  1. Congrats to your city! I've got a close friend who's a BIG Blackhawks fan, so he's super excited, too.

    I've never been huge on hockey, nor has Hub. We live in the South, for Pete's sake! I actually went to my first (and only) game when we were on a trip to DC. It was the Canadiens at the Capitals. It was such a fun game!! And LOTS of fights!

    I also discovered that with our nice, big, new HD tv, hockey looks much nicer. You can actually follow the puck!! Maybe I'll try to watch more next season...

  2. I've totally been into hockey for way longer than just this year! I've been watching it since I was about 4 or 5 and even had a Hawks Starter jacket in elementary school. They just haven't had a great team since you've known me so I didn't mention them much until last year.


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