Pink in the Rink 2010

So last night's post about hockey reminded me, I forgot to share about my first ever hockey game!

My hometown has had a hockey team for a little over a decade now (The Rockford Icehogs) and I had never ever been to a hockey game before in my life - I told hubby a little over a year ago I would really like to go see a hockey game someday. I know a handful of people that go regularly to the games in town and they all make it sound like a fun time.

In January, I got an email from one of the heads at Mary Kay about an upcoming event in my area - the first annual Pink in the Rink Icehogs Hockey game where a portion of the ticket proceeds will go to help fight breast cancer. I mentioned the email at my unit's weekly get together and we all decided it would be fun to get our tickets together and sit as a group with our families and friends that wanted to go as well.

So at the end of January, there I was, at my first ever hockey game - I was excited!

A lot of the crowd (my group included) was wearing pink, the ice was dyed pink (this was the first time it was ever dyed!) and the players were wearing pink laces - a few of them, as we saw on the screens in the center of the of the arena, even dyed their hair pink! The Fire and Ice girls (aka cheerleaders) were all wearing pink wings and attire as well and the first 1000 women got Pink in the Rink t-shirts (although the size large honestly looked like a kid's large!).

We saw a really neat fight in the first 1/3 of the game - it honestly lasted a good minute or so before the ref's got involved. There were 2 other fights later in the game, but the ref's broke those up really fast! We won 3-2 (they were playing the Peoria Rivermen, and my Mary Kay director and her husband grew up in Peoria, so it was extra fun for them!)

I had a really fun time and wouldn't mind going to another game someday! And I can cross this off my ultimate list of things I want to do =)

If you've never been to a hockey game before, it's something I really recommend you experience at least once in your life so you can say you've been.

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