In my bag...

I've seen a few of these posts around Blogland lately and decided it was fun, so I emptied my purse, took a picture and now to share!
Starting at the top and working down:

1. My purse
I actually got this one for my birthday last August, as my previous bag was made out of cloth and beginning to fall apart (there were holes on the outside corners and I knew it was only a matter of time before they went all the way through!). We were in Target, the night before my birthday and killing time after dinner before going to a movie. I had seen this bag there before and decided I would really like it (I'm a bit picky about bags, as I hate how most these days have the shoulder strap so short that your purse is up in your armpit when carrying it). I showed it to hubby and asked if we could get it for me for my birthday and he said sure. You can't really tell too well in this picture, but I have a little Red and Black ribbon pinned to the front of it. The week after the shooting at my aluma mater, students made stuff like this and I got this one from a girl who was passing them out in Walmart while I was on my break at the theater next door.

2. My Keys
I have a lot of keys - there's my car key, my set of apartment keys, our mailbox and storage keys, a key to my parent's house and a set of keys to the office I work in. I also have several keychains - a mini set of playing cards with aces on them that I bought at Spencer's at the mall, a mini set of dice I got at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, a Las Vegas poker chip keychain, and a World of Warcraft keychain hubby had given me for Christmas one year.

3. My Checkbook
Yes, I do occasionally still write checks, very rarely though.

4. My pills
It's no surprise, I'm married and on "the pill." Financially and living space-wise it wouldn't be smart for us to be trying to have a kid yet. I keep these in my purse because sometimes I'm at work when I need to take them and if I'm at home, I can just walk over to my purse and get them.

5. Blue 2nd Generation 6g iPod Mini
Funny thing, I actually bought this one the week they discontinued making them and released the iPod Nano. I thought about getting the Nano, however they only came in 4g models which was the same price as the 6g mini and well, I had plenty of music and preferred to have the 2 extra g's. It's going on 5 years old, however, despite the minor crack on the screen, it still works and plays music just fine - why upgrade when you don't need to?

6. Gum
I currently have 2 packs of gum in my bag, however the Orbitz gum only has 1 piece left in it. The 5 Gum is pretty good as well. My dad actually got me started on both brands, buying me a pack for Christmas. This past Christmas he got me the Orbitz gum while Christmases prior he had gotten me 5 Gum. I like fruity, citrus flavored gums.

7. Mary Kay business card holder with cards
Kinda self-explanatory - I sell Mary Kay so it's important to keep cards on me - never know when someone might ask for one!

8. Maglite Mini
Never know when you might need a flashlight! This is a smaller version of the powerful Maglite and fits nicely into a purse.

9. Pens
I guess I have 3 pens in my purse right now. Seems like I can never find one when I need one though...

10. Wallet (back up to the top)
I've gone through several different wallets over the years, but I've had this one for the past few. It's got a zippered change/money pouch on the backside, and a snap enclosure with a slot for my IDs and cards on the front. It also has a loop that I attached various mini shopper cards to (Hilander, PetCo, PetSmart, and Borders).

11. Kleenex pack
Cuz sometimes you need a tissue.

12. Cellphone
I currently have the Motorola Krav. It's a flip phone with a touch screen and was a Verizon exclusive when we signed up last spring. I was iffy about getting a touchscreen cuz I wasn't sure if I would like it, and I loved that while this was a flip phone, it also had a touch screen so I could transition a bit easier since most phones these days all have touch screens. I like my phone for the most part, but plan on getting a Droid eventually because I would kind of like neat, helpful apps and the internet (I could get the internet on my phone now, but I don't have neat apps).

13. Mace
I'm a female, which automatically makes me prone to having an attacker. While our parking lot is right next to the building, there's still a good 30-50ft walk from my car to the front door and our street is a bit dark at night, despite the few streetlights nearby. I lost my old thing of mace I had in college and so my dad got me this one for Christmas this past year.

14. Black leather gloves
I live in Northern Illinois and the winter months get a bit nasty. I keep these in my bag because cleaning snow off your car and ice off your windshield without gloves just sucks and your hands are usually frozen by the time you get done. My mom got me a great pair of black leather gloves for Christmas a few years back. They fit great, however this past winter, I lost one of them in the parking lot during a snowstorm (must have fallen out) and never found it so this is my replacement pair we got at Walmart. They don't fit quite as great as my other pair, but they work.

15. Mini hairclip
I'm a girl, with long hair. Sometimes if I don't have a hair tie on me and need or want to put my hair up I can just use this little clippy

16. 2g USB Flashdrive
I started carrying one on me when I worked at the theater, as we didn't have internet there and sometimes would need to download the digital keys for our digital films at home and bring them into work with us to upload them to the projectors. Now working doing design work, it's come in handy for when I need to do something on my laptop and move it over to my work computer.

17. Tide On-the-Go Stain Remover Pen
Food happens, and so do messes and stains. This has come in handy a few times!

18. Kodak digital camera
I got this one for my birthday from my parents almost 2 years ago - the zoom on my previous camera had broken and so I needed a new one. I bought a slip cover for it as well (which it's sitting on top of)

19. Mary Kay compact
This holds 3 eyeshadows, a lipstick, a blush and applicators and is magnetic with a mirror.

20. Mary Kay Nourishine Lipgloss and Mary Kay Lipstick
This is my other lipstick I wear and my lipgloss I wear on more casual days/outings.

21. Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara and sample mascara wands
You never know when you might run into someone and is this one way to share a product with someone "on the go." Dip the sample wand in the mascara tube and let em try! (no, this is not the tube I use on my own lashes - I keep that one at home in a bathroom drawer) I was also carrying around the Satin Lips Lip Balm, as it's easy to just squeeze a bit on your finger and rub onto your lips (that's how I apply it anyway) but I keep forgetting to put it back in my bag - again, another way to share the product "on the go."

22. Eyedrops
I have 2 bottles of eyedrops - one for contact lenses and the other for just normal use. These come in handy come allergy season, when my eyes get itchy! While I use Opti-Free for my normal contact stuff, these bottles are both Cleareyes, and I found they really work well, especially when it comes to getting rid of redness and itchy eye.

23. Mary Kay Satin Hands Lotion
Sometimes my hands get dry (especially in Northern Illinois winters!) and this helps keep them moisturized for hours on end!

24. Mary Kay mirror
I actually got this during the bi-yearly auction we have with our fun currency system. It's cute and if I need a mirror and don't feel like pulling out my compact this works just fine.

25. Small make-up bag
Another item I got at our bi-yearly auction, this hold items 19-24 so they don't get scattered and lost in the rest of my bag.

What's in YOUR bag?


  1. It always impresses me seeing how much stuff we women can fit into our purses.

    I am doing this!!!!

  2. Oh I know!

    The funny thing is, in high school, all I would carry was my wallet, my cellphone and my keys... and then later on the faceplate to my car CD player! I'd keep those in my jeans and coat pockets - I didn't really have a regular purse until I got to college!


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