Adventures in late-night grocery shopping

http://www.krogerrealestate.com/images/logos/logo_hilander.gifI just got back from a "late" night run to my local 24hr Hilander down the street (for those not familiar with Hilander, it's what they call Kroger stores out here). I've had a craving for brownies and cherry chocolate ice cream ever since last weekend and we were all out of pop (soda); since I got paid today and we had a little spare money in our bank account, hubby said I could go pick up a few things as long as I got him cereal, milk and smoked ham slices for sandwiches. Usually we shop at Walmart, but the 24hr Hilander is literally less than 5 minutes from us, right at the end of the street, whereas Walmart is at least 10 minutes away and I just didn't feel like driving any further than I had to at 1am.
Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate by Blue Bunny
This was the ice cream I have been craving (I tried some at my aunt's last weekend and *loved* it).  It's cherry flavored ice cream with perfectly chopped cherry pieces mixed with chocolate pieces! Yum! Unfortunately, Hilander doesn't seem to carry this brand... at least not the store I was at, so I had to settle for something less with giant cherry chunks instead of the perfectly chopped pieces. /sad face

In my quest for pop (or soda if you prefer that), I found some Red Cream Soda. While the can I cracked open is a little warm, it still tastes pretty good!

Also, why is it the smaller bags more expensive than the larger ones? For example, a 12oz bag of chips was 10 cents less than the 10oz bag. And the large box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch was only $2.99, while the smaller box was a little over $3 - Kroger must be backwards-land!

I also think the guy stocking the packaged deli meats was being overly friendly with me.

While looking for the regular brand we usually buy, I about to just go with the store brand since they were out of the smoked ham in our usual brand. He approaches me (stopping this stocking he was doing just a few feet away) and tells me that this other brand is the best deal, but assures me their brand is just as good. I say "okay" and look over the brand he tells me about. A moment later he pops back up, giving me a coupon for the brand he just told me about, saying that instead of getting 2 for $5, I'll be getting a dollar off, so it would be like getting 2 for $4. I take it, and thank him. As I'm about to leave the section, he comes running over to me with yet another coupon, this one for mayo and other condiments "just in case you'll be getting those as well!" (I wasn't). I thank and him go about my way.

I didn't have the heart to tell to the poor guy that the meat he just helped me pick out was for my husband! (I don't eat ham).

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