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Throughout my nearly 5 years of playing World of Warcraft I've created and played many different classes - having gotten at least 1 of each class to level 10.


The first character I chose to play was a human female Paladin. Originally, I wanted to play a rogue like my soon-to-be roommate was and also thought the warlock class sounded kinda neat (I thought they had some amusing pets), but my boyfriend informed me that I couldn't be either of those classes if I wanted to be in the guild with him and our (his) friends.


It was an RP (role-playing) guild on an RP server (one of the few original ones ever made!) and they RP'd that the guild was a "holy Templar" guild and rogues were considered to be thieves while warlocks use demons and dark magic.

He suggested I try a Paladin, explaining that it was a melee fighting class, that could also heal, and thought it would be a good class for me to play while learning the game, since being able to heal myself gave me less of a chance for "dying."

I also picked the herbalism and alchemy professions, as my boyfriend explained that I could benefit from making potions for myself that would increase my stats and replenish my health and mana if needed.

He had me put my points in the Retribution (melee dps) tree and never really explained the other 2 paladin trees to me, so Ret was all I knew how to play in addition to throwing the occasional heal on myself when needed.

Yes, I realize her name is part of a common chicken dish. When my ex told me I needed an original RP name, it was honestly the first thing that came to mind and I don't know why, but it sounded "olden" enough to me. Most people ended up calling me Flour (pronounced floor) for short though.

I've done so much on Flour that it just feels strange when some people in game call me by one of my other toons' names. On her I've PVP'd back in the day, raided all the old school instances and raids, been diplomatic and made a lot of friends (and a few enemies). It's almost like she's part of me. She was the co-leader of a somewhat well known guild back in Vanilla, being the more diplomatic leader of the bunch and being pretty well-known on the server at one point. She was part of the 2nd wave of Paladins to get their epic quest mounts and then helped most of the paladins on the server successfully get theirs, since people seemed to think I was awesome at teaching the simple seal-mobwave strategy someone else had taught me. She was also pretty well-known among the server's RP community during Vanilla as well (Public RP on the server pretty much died soon after Burning Crusade came out and is near non-existent these day and very rare to find!).

The first picture of her I took back in spring of 2006, during one of our early guild allianced Molten Core runs. Her mace is Finkle's Lava Dredger, which drops out of Majordomo's treasure chest - it was my first epic weapon ever and I got it on the day AQ opened on our server too, which makes it even more memorable. I swear I wore those blue legplates out of AQ20 forever too - the Judgement skirt would just not drop for me, ever, until after I didn't need it anymore cuz I had better, but I did eventually get them for nostalgia sake, cuz they look awesome! She's also wearing several pieces of Soulforge - the Paladin .5 dungeon set that you upgrade through an annoying and long quest chain (I ended up with 6/8 pieces). The chestpiece is from the ZG rep quests - I eventually got 5/5, but usually only wore 3/5.

Notice, in the 2nd picture, when the in-game Barber Shops were introduced right before the release of Wrath, Flour instantly went and got a new hairstyle. While her ponytail was practical, she had been fighting mobs for years and I decided it was time to go ahead and let her hair down. That's how she currently looks, gear and all. Poor Flour... I haven't really played her much since the release of Ulduar.

This was the 2nd character I leveled to 60 back in Vanilla, however she wasn't my first attempt at a warrior.

I had played a male warrior in the beginning human areas, just to try it out but the whole being a dude thing wasn't working for me and I got bored with it.

I actually leveled this 'new' warrior - the female Atreyuu - with my ex as he leveled a rogue, so it made leveling pretty painless and more fun. No - her name isn't because of the band, Atreyu (although I do like them); yes - she is named after the boy warrior in The Never Ending Story, a movie I grew up watching. I eventually bought her the white epic horse mount, she she does have her horse too.

Since Atreyuu was an alt, she didn't get priority on main raids so I mainly just dps'd on her, taking her Arms 2hander/Mortal Strike spec, but when it came to alt-MC and alt-ZG (which those of us regulars would take our alts so the lesser geared mains could take their toons), I would help offtank on her.

Unfortunately, I never really enjoyed playing her past Vanilla. In Burning Crusade, compared to Flour, she just felt really weak and to be honest, I don't enjoy being a tank (I'm not that great at it). I think she is currently level 63. She is also mining/enchanting spec'd, but I haven't done much with them in awhile.

Sam was my first night elf character and my rogue that I eventually made. While leveling her, I would also RP on her - she was convinced she was a pirated and loved adventure. I even put together a pirate ensemble for her.

I really enjoyed the Subtlety spec and parked her at level 59 to PVP with her in the 50-59 bracket during the last portion of Vanilla WoW. It was a lot of fun stealthing around - especially in Alterac Valley, where I would stealth over to the horde base and climb up the towers, capturing them while the raid was still maybe halfway through the map. It was fun!

Currently, she's an engineer and a miner. I decided that once the next expansion comes out, I'm going to faction change her to a cute little pirate gobin and what profession goes better with a goblin than engineering! This caused me to start leveling her again, as I didn't really play her too much once Burning Crusade came out (I think she was level 63 when Wrath came out). Right now she's in the lower 70s.

No, she's not named after the freaky little girl in the movie The Ring. I originally wanted to name her Sammy or some variation on that, however they were all taken. So I gave her a Sam name and just refer to her as Sam or Sammy for short.

Nailed and her pet Hammered (pictured above with Burning Crusade Flourentine)

When I saw how cool Blood Elves looked in the Burning Crusade previews I decided I wanted to make one. And I always wanted to eventually level a hunter (I had made one and failed miserably at it before I got a chance to do the pet quests - all my armor broke, I had no money and no way to repair so that toon was a bust). Hubby's first main was a hunter and he made it look so fun, and the hunters I knew always seemed to have fun as well so I figured I'd give it a try when Blood Elves were available.

I wanted my hunter and pet to have names that went together, so I thought of some clever ideas and decided on Nailed for my hunter, Hammered for her pet (which can go 2 ways).

At first I just leveled her when I was bored on my alliance toons, but when I was trying to focus on graduating, I banned myself from raiding and so in my freetime, once I had my homework done, I'd just log on this one. And since I was busy with work post-graduation and couldn't fit raiding into my schedule, I just worked on leveling this one. Eventually I began casually raiding on her when I could with my guild towards the end of Burning Crusade - I was a decent hunter, keeping up with the Beast Mastery spec'd ones while I was Marks.

Once Wrath came out though I switched back to my alliance character and didn't really play her much for about a year, then I picked her up, dusted her off and leveled her up to 80 and did a little raiding on her. I eventually dual spec'd Survival on her, as I loved Marks but realized I wasn't doing nearly the same amount of damage as the Survival hunters I found myself grouped with. I use Survival as my raid spec, as well as a wolf named Smashed for a raid pet. Now Hammered is my regular pet I use for non-raids and he's a Springpaw that Nailed got in the beginning Blood Elf lands. But the Wolves give a buff that helps in raids so that's why I recently tamed one and leveled it up.

As soon Flour hit 80 I started raiding Naxx on her with my guild. After the first few months, she was pretty much geared up and my guild had the problem where 75% of the time we would have leather or Vanquisher items drop, yet we had no one in the raid that could use them. I started leveling up Sam, since she fit the category, however it wasn't as fun.

I decided to level a Night Elf Druid to help with this issue.

Yarris wasn't my first druid though - back in Vanilla I once made and leveled to 30 a Tauren druid on an alt server during some downtime on my regular server (it was for a few days so some of our friends and in our guild all rerolled horde on this alt server). After our server was fixed though, no one really played these toons anymore so I kind of abandoned her (I tried to play, but it was an RP-PVP server and yeah... PVP servers kinda suck when you're in contested territory plagued by higher level jerks). I enjoyed playing a Boomkin though so I rolled this druid the same spec, with healing as an off-spec (HoTs are sexy!).

I did pretty well as a Boomkin and actively raided on her in my new guild (the previous guild I was in fell apart weeks before I hit 80 on her). It was a lot of fun!

And no, I did not name her after the stupid Toyota car - it's actually bohemian and for those that know me in person, well, you know what Yarris is!

Hm... which will I play first come Cataclyism?

Other characters I have:
  • Weeblez - a gnome DeathKnight I made and play on occasion. I made a guild with her called "WobblezButDontFallDown"
  • Mizerie - a blood elf DeathKnight I sometimes play on my roommate's server
  • Mizerie - a blood elf shadow priest in her 30s, a horde character I sometimes play (this Mizerie came before the DK)
  • Kattina - a level 30 human warlock on a friends server. I haven't touched her in years, aside from getting her her mount early when they complimented the patch that let you get them at 30.
The rest of my characters are under level 10 and inactive, cept for my alliance banker.

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