"We can't move forward...

http://www.thegrio.com/assets_c/2010/01/the-word-negro-in-2010-census-form-offends-some-blacks-thumb-400xauto-5570.jpg... until you mail it back!"

Every time I think about this year's census I get that little jingle stuck in my head (and now it'll be stuck in yours too! mwahahaha).

Just thought I'd share, ours came in the mail today.

"10 Questions, 10 Minutes" is what they state in the commercials.

Um... if it seriously takes you 10 minutes to fill out the questions pertaining to your own person (it asks 3 general questions about the household and then 7 regarding to each individual person in the household) then perhaps you should seriously consider having someone fill it out for you... and help you with other tasks in life.

It literally took me maybe 2 minutes at the most to fill out just the first 3 questions and the 7 pertaining to me and that was only because I was making my name, age and birth date look legible. I bet I could answer hubby's questions in 30 seconds, but I thought he might want to fill out his column on his own.

Don't forget to mail it back - it even has postage paid on it much like most wedding RSVPs so there's really no reason you can't unless you're just too lazy to walk to your mailbox, in which case, you fail.


  1. You know.. I was really excited to fill out my very first census. And then I was sorely disappointed to see it end so soon. Is that weird?

    I keep forgetting to drop it in the mailbox and mail it back...

  2. LOL same here! I filled it out, left it on the desk, asked Hubby if he wanted me to fill out the part for him or if he wanted to do it himself - he told me just to go ahead and do it so I did... and it's been sitting on our desk, ontop of the envelope ever since.



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