Amusing TV moments #1

As I mentioned in a previous post my husband and I often watch "Married... With Children" reruns on TBS when he gets home from his 3rd shift job, before we go to bed.

Growing up, neither one of us was allowed to watch this show for obvious reasons, but now that we're adults, we understand why our parents sometimes watched during it's original run - sometimes it's really funny! And it's fun seeing the early career of Christina Applegate, as well as the rest of the cast - Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neil, and Dave Faustino (and does anyone else find it funny that Applegate and Sagal's careers are the only ones that really went anywhere after the show?)

http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c115/suganutz2/zz608.jpgThe episode we just watched was titled "God's Shoes." In the episode, Al falls out the bedroom window after seeing a $2500 painting Peggy had commissioned of herself hanging in their bedroom. When he comes to, he shares that he saw God, and talked to Him. He goes on to tell about these shoes God was wearing, where the shoe was "close fitting, surrounding each toe individually, probably a soft worked kid leather" and the sock was already attached. Al decides he must make these "God's Shoes" and Jefferson backs him up financially with Marcie's money, however they end up being a big flop.

In a moment of pondering near the end of the episode, Al sits with Kelly, surrounded by the boxes of God's Shoes and the two share a humorous conversation:

Al:     [rubbing his temples] Why didn’t it work?

Kelly:     Because it was a stupid idea, Daddy. I mean, if you think about it God probably doesn’t even need shoes, he can afford good carpeting. And if he ever needed anything, like a Big Gulp or batteries or somethin’ I’m sure the 7-11s up in heaven don’t have that sign that says, “No shirt, no shoes. No service” . And even if they did, who’s gonna yank a slim-jim outta God’s mouth? Or is all this kinda goin’ over your head?

 Al:     No honey, no it’s not. It’s dancing around in there with some of your other ponderings. You know, like what would a chair look like if our knees where in the back of our legs?

Kelly:     I made a teacher retire with that one.

Oh and here's another great Kelly Quote from the episode that's on now that just literally made me LOL:

Kelly    Anyway. Every girl was supposed to be on TV. But did I get a turn? Ask me if I got a turn. Ask me. Just go ahead and ask me!

Al and Bud just stare at her.

Kelly    No, I did not. And you know why? Because my teacher, Mrs. Jones, doesn't like me. Just because one day she wore a pair of Jeans that said "Guess", and I guessed size 42. Instead of giving me a prize, she cops an attitude!
Oh Kelly Bundy... probably one of the dumbest, yet funniest characters to ever be on TV! Christina Applegate's character really cracks us up sometimes!

And on another "Married... With Children" thought - anyone else notice that during the early episodes Peggy seems more "normal" and down to earth? And that Kelly (with the platinum bleach blonde hair) actually seemed somewhat smart at the beginning of the series but then got stupider with each season as she got older?

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