My experience with Twilight

While I've written about it  before, with the release of the 3rd film in the saga coming out tomorrow, I thought I'd share my experience with the Twilight series.

It was Spring 2007 and I remember my roommate coming home from her job and all excited about this new book series she had just finished reading. She admitted, the books weren't that great, as the main character was like one of the overly obsessive lovey-dovey girls you see in animes and often want to smack around because of their stupidity, but... it has vampires in it! She insisted I read the first book in the series (which only had 3 books at the time) and left it with me.

I read the first few chapters but wasn't really that into it, so I sat it on my nightstand and kind of forgot about it until a month or 2 later when she asked me what I thought, if I was finished yet.

I picked it up again and finished it in a few days. It picked up quite a bit the more I read.

http://larryfire.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/twilightbooks.jpgWhen I finished that one, I left it on her bed with a note asking if I could borrow the next one in the series, since she was already at work and I would be at work by the time she got back. When I returned from work later that night, the next one was sitting out for me.

I read that one in about 2 days (it was quite the easy read) and borrowed the last one and finished it by the end of the week.

I thought they were okay - nothing great, but easy reads and they kept me entertained while I read them. I definitely wanted to bitchslap Bella for most of the last 2 books though, especially for the way she treats Jacob once Edward's suddenly back in the picture.

By the time the 4th book came out in August 2008, my roommate and I were no longer living together - I had graduated and moved back to my hometown, and wanting to read how the series ended I bought the book the weekend it came out.

It took me 2 weeks to read that piece of crap!

Seriously, it was one of the dumbest books I think I've ever read. The ONLY interesting parts of the whole book were the chapters told from Jacob's point of view, as they were a nice change of pace from the rest of the book, as told by Bella.

And again, Stephanie Meyer threw out all lore and created her own, as (*spoiler*) Bella and Edward have a half human, half vampire child and while normal lore would be that the child would grow up and be destined to slay vampires (ie: Blade) well, of course that can't be the case in Twilight... although that WOULD make for an AWESOME ending to the series - their child grows up and stakes them and the entire clan! Also, the books builds up this vampire war between the Cullen clan and friends vs. the Volturi and then it doesn't happen. Almost as big a letdown as the final showdown in Harry Potter!

After I finished it, I tossed it in a box to be sold at a garage sale, although the people in my parents neighborhood must be smart, as no one bought it!

When the movie came out, I gave it the benefit of the doubt - I mean the books had such a huge following by this point that they had be decent, right?


I saw it with my former co-manager buddy at the theater and my old roommate, although she had already seen it the night before. Aside from us, there were 6 others in the theater and they seemed really into it. Us on the other hand, we had our own running commentary on it much like the traditional film screenings were accustomed to. Honestly, that was the only thing saving me from not falling asleep - we kept ourselves entertained. The special effects were laughable and the cinematography was just horrible - HORRIBLE! My roommate had a paper to write on bad cinematography for a class she was taking at the time and she said this movie provided her with more than enough material for it!

When the 2nd movie came out a year later, I debated going to see it, as the first one was so bad. But all the girls I know that I had seen it said it was much better than the first one, both visually and story-wise.

Not wanting to see it by myself, hubby agreed to go see it with me, so long as I got him drunk beforehand because he didn't want to be sober and bored the whole time. Although his drunken antics and commentary were quite humorous, we unfortunately had to keep them to a minimum as despite the movie being out for a month already, the theater was still packed on a late Saturday night and we had a couple of middle aged women sitting in the row in front of us and they seemed to be getting annoyed. Needless to say, I was SOOOO bored!

Hubby said he'd go see the next one with me if I got him drunk again first, but to be honest, I don't feel like suffering through another Twilight movie. If anything, I'll wait til the Rifftrax version is online and we'll watch that one, as hubby finds the Rifftrax versions to be great, lol...

I think I'd much rather stick to my True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse vamps, weres and supernatural creatures, thank you very much!


  1. I was the same way. Everyone told me how they breezed through the books. I tried the first and I finished it, but it took forever and I hated the writing style. Never read any of the other ones.

    HAHAHA! Hubby had to get wasted! That's great. I think my bf likes it more than I do. HE actually was the one that got me to watch the first one...which I didn't watch until after the second one was out. We watched the first on dvd. I didn't love it, but it kept my interest and I wanted to know what happened next so I watched the second. The second was terrible! But of course, I want to know what happens next so I will be watching the third :P

  2. I don't know anyone--even Twilight fans--who thinks that these book were well written. I went to a Charlaine Harris Q&A session and someone in the audience asked her how she felt about Twilight. She was pretty polite about it, but you could tell that she thought that books were crap. My mom, who has read both the Twilight series and all of the Sookie books, told me that she felt like Stephenie Meyer may have borrowed/stolen some things from Harris' books.

  3. lol Amber, on Twitter the TrueBlood people have been posting links to various recent interviews Charlaine Harris has given lately and so far there's been some question referring to Twilight in all of them - cracks me up!

    One asked her why vampires sparkle, her response "[deadpans] They don't."

    I love her answers - you can tell she's not thrilled about em, but she answers them with class and never officially puts them or Stephenie Meyer down but like I said, you can tell she's not thrilled, lol...

    I find it amusing too that the 3rd Sookie book, which introduces us the Weres was out 2-3 years before Twilight and yet Stephanie Meyer has em in her books too... and how hilarious it is people are thinking True Blood is ripping off Twilight with the introduction of the weres this season, when the Twilight movie introducing werewolves came out last fall - it's like "learn to read dates, the book this season is based off of came out several years before the book New Moon is based on did..." Granted, weres and vampires aren't a new concept, but it's still pretty funny, considering that these are 2 of the biggest series right now

  4. Thank God there's someone else (several in fact) that also don't think either the books or the movies are that great. I was starting to believe I was the only one.

    The books are badly written, but the thing that gets to me the most is Bella - she is so utterly needy.

    But that's just me.

    I am glad to see that others are not completely enthralled with the whole saga either.


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