MJ and WoW - where were you?

Sorry for no post last week - I didn't really have a topic/post prepared so I just decided to take the week off from Warcraft Wednesday... but now it's back!

A little over a year ago exactly (on June 25, 2009) the King of Pop - Michael Jackson - died.

Where was I when I heard?

Why, I was in WoW of course!

I remember hanging out in Dalaran, most likely on my Boomkin. Hubby was doing something on one of his characters and I was standing around waiting for something/anything to happen (our raid wasn't for a few more hours).

Some kid started talking over Trade Chat about Michael Jackson being dead. No one believed him though, I mean people joking about celebs dying in Trade Chat wasn't exactly uncommon. But then a few others chimed in as well.

Curious, I turned our TV to one of the news stations, but there was no info. I then Googled and noticed a few articles on sites like TMZ but again, not the most reliable source. I kept the TV on one of the news channels (CNN Headline News I believe) and eventually they mentioned something about MJ going to the hospital.

A few other people in Trade Chat must have been watching too, as we all started clarifying that he was at the hospital, not dead yet. But by then the Thriller/Smooth Criminal jokes were already flying back and forth in Trade Chat.

By the time he pronounced dead I was already in my raid.

But yeah, thanks to WoW, I was notified to turn on my TV and watch the news, otherwise I probably wouldn't have heard about it until people started posting on Facebook!

Keep doing the Michael Jackson dance, you male Night Elves!

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  1. Same here! Thought people were lying when they said that MJ dead on Trade Chat. Click CNN on TV. He was dead. For once, Trade Chat has viable information. =/

    Other times, trolls and noobs make shitty comments. lol.


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