I'm Going Places!

Tasha over at Random Musings of an Overactive Imagination just recently gave me the "You're Going Places" Award!

Like I said previously, I love getting these little blog awards - it means a lot to me and it gives me the warm fuzzies, plus I think they're so neat too, as they get passed from blogger to blogger... really cool! I hate it when I see people get these various blog awards and then they don't follow the fun little rules or even bother passing it onto others, as that's the whole point of these - to pass em on!

The rule for this award is, I have to write down where I see myself in ten years.

In 10 years... I'll be 35. I see myself still married, with 2 kids close in age and maybe a younger one trailing behind them. Hubby will have been promoted to full-time by now and only working that 1 job instead of 2, so he'll be able to spend more time with his family. I'll still be doing graphic design stuff when I'm not busy being a mommy. We'll have a house just the right size for us, which is exactly what we want - a ranch with a master bed and bath and a nice rec room in the basement as well as a computer/office room down there and plenty of space for our kids to play indoors and outdoors. Some may think just being a mom with work on the side is boring and not exciting, but it's what I would love to have for my life! Oh yeah, I'll have a nice car with air conditioning in it too and my iMac at home in our computer/office room so I can do all my design work on that, as those things are sweet!

I am passing this award onto...
If you accept, please follow the rule and answer the question "Where do you see yourself in ten years" and then pass the award along!


  1. Ty so much! :D

    Blogger awards > Oscars.

  2. Aww thank you so much!!!! I'm sorry it took so long to see this - computer malfunctions :P This is so cool and now I have a post for tomorrow! :) Thanks Rachel!


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