Is Entourage the male version of Sex and the City?

Here's an observation I came to tonight - Entourage is like the male version of Sex and the City.

Hubby and I decided to watch a few more episodes of Entourage tonight, while loading up the next episode, I ask him if the fact I actually really enjoy this show means I have my "man card"* back. He looked at me funny and I explain "well... it's a show that focuses on the adventures of 4 dudes - it's like the ultimate bromance show... it's kinda like Sex and the City... but with guys!" He gave me this look like he wanted to deny it, but couldn't as it's true. Instead of making an arguement for how it's not like Sex and the City though, he just added on the words "... but it's not gay!"

I thought my synopsis of the show was pretty on track though, I mean really, when you break it down, Entourage is EXACTLY like Sex and the City, only it's the male version - you got 4 friends that go way back, one of them is pretty famous and the rest of them have plot lines that fit in with the main overlaying plot and they don't let anything get in the way of their friendship and it takes place in a major city. Oh and they all seem to have a constant need to hook-up with the opposite sex and buy expensive things. I mean really - you can't argue the fact that that's basically what Entourage is.

Now don't get me wrong - I really enjoy this show, so I'm not dissing it. I just think it's funny that it pains the male viewers to have to accept the fact that it basically the male version of Sex and the City!


What do you think? Is Entourage the male version of Sex and the City?

*at the theater it was a running joke that I was basically the female on staff that was considered to be "one of the guys" as they often dubbed me as "the dude with long hair" which is a reference to the movie Eurotrip, where Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) hangs out with her brother and his friends so much that they often forget she's a girl and carry on male conversations in her presence. When she points out to them that they're in mixed company and she's a girl they often answer her with the response of "no you're not - you're cool dude with long hair!" Because of this, they joked that I had an honorary "man card" due to my interest in a lot of the same things they guys were into - the same movies, the same TV shows, the same music, video games, etc. Anytime I showed interest in or said something girly though, they'd revoke my "man card" and I'd have to earn it back by talking about or having an interest "guy" related topic or something similar.

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  1. I've never watched Entourage before but I know what it's about.

    Although, I think Sex & the City speaks to the imperfections of relationships women face.

    Then again, you could be right and it really is a male version of what men face when it comes to the imperfections of relationships.

    Do you think women face them more so than men? (I'm just throwing that question out there)

    I hope you had a good weekend and I hope you have a great week ahead.

    ps. thanks for the follow =) and I know what you mean about the google icons. I missed the one for Earth Day =(


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