Sing Talk

My former college roomie posted this on her facebook the other day and it's pretty funny!

It's another College Humor music video parody, this time doing Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" but going on about how all she actually does is "sing talk." It's one of those, funny, yet true which actually makes it kinda sad if you think about it...


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  1. hey, thanks for the comment on my recent post! I'm now following you on twitter =)

    enjoy what's left of your week

  2. Thank you for finding this video. I knew I was the only one.. LOL.

  3. so this was really awesome. I reposted this video on my facebook cuz it was that great

  4. lol glad you all enjoy it!

    I thought it was pretty humorous and a great take on Ke$ha too, lol...


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