Some awesome, unusual art

From time to time, Stacy at Stacy Says posts some really awesome art she finds online from time to time. Here are some of my favorites that she's posted the past few months.

Flat Surface Art
What these artists do is create awesome optical illusions on city streets and, as you can see in some of the photos, people can interact with them.

 The 3 above are by Edgar Mueller

The 3 above are by Julian Beever

Hand art by Guido Daniele

And here's a few "Living Paintings" by Alexa Meade, where she paints real people to look like people in paintings!

John Pugh paints 3D murals on the side of buildings too - these are pretty neat!

Speaking of Stacy Says, Stacy is having a Giveaway this week, where the winner will receive a $40 giftcard to any CSN store (from what I gather, viewing the site, it's like a bunch of different online stores rolled into one). They have some pretty neat stuff I wouldn't mind getting, and one of the ways to enter in the drawing is to blog about it, so hence my post. Feel free to visit her blog and enter as well!

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