Adventures in Chatroulette

So I finished my new book and now find myself bored as I wait for hubby to get home from work. Once again, I apologize for no Warcraft Wednesday this week - don't worry, it'll be back next week!

By now, most have heard of the internet phenomenon known as Chatroulette. It sounds like an interesting idea - go onto the server and you can chat with random strangers all over the world. Get bored with them, and NEXT! You're paired up with someone else, and so on.

However, it's not exactly safe for work or for anyone under 18, as some people tend to abuse the simple, fun idea and instead focus their webcam on certain parts of their body while they do certain things for the world to see.

Hubby and I first heard about this site on the internet web clip show Tosh.0 on Comedy Central a few months ago, and then a friend of mine posted on Facebook her experiences of the site.

Curious, hubby and I decided to check it out for ourselves, however, we don't have a webcam. But that's okay, as you can still chat with people, however most people will "next" you since they don't get to see your pretty face.

Here's a couple fun Chatroulette Improv videos too:

Since I'm bored and have at least 45 minutes to kill, I thought I'd go on the site and document it for your amusement.

So here goes!
At approximately 8:30pm CST on a Friday night - let's see who's stuck at home and bored like myself!

Partner #1: His face kinda looks like like Brad Pitt; he insta-nexted me
Partner #2: A male and female couple, looking confused; they insta-nexted me
Partner #3: Can't make out a person - it just looks like a dim lit room with a lampost on a street in the background; I nexted him
Partner #4: A girl laying all weird on a bed with her arm in some strange position; she insta-nexted me
Partner #5: An ad for chathopper.net - next!
Partner #6: A guy talking, but there's no audio; he nexted me after a few seconds

Partner #7: A guy with dark hair and earphones sitting against a brick wall, we chat
Me: nice earphones
Guy with earphones: Thanks bro
Guy with earphones: I like them too
Guy with earphones: Well not really they are kind of cheap
Me: ah
Guy with earphones: they start to hurt my ears if I wear them too long
Me: yeah, most do
Me: hard to find good ones that don't
Guy with earphones: but I am in kind of a public place so I have to find some way of concealing the things I listen to
Me: oh
Me: that makes sense
Guy with earphones: It would be rude to blast bone thugs while surrounded by people
Me: haha yeah!
Guy with earphones: I've never talked to a color before
Guy with earphones: I like you green, now I know why you are my favorite color
Me: yeah, sorry, I don't have a webcam yet but thought I'd check out what all the craze is about this site
Me: lol thanks
Guy with earphones: It's so weird talking to someone I can't see on her. I feel so exposed
Me: aww sorry
Guy with earphones: It's ok
Guy with earphones: Have you heard of the chatroulette drinking game?
Me: no! what's that?
Guy with earphones: I don't the rules intimately, but the idea seems fun
Me: I'll hafta google that sometime
Me: =)
Guy with earphones: Well green, buddy I'm going to talk to some people with faces. Cya
Partner #8: A dude that looks kinda like a kid and has a big stomach; he insta-nexted me
Partner #9: It's the dude that looks like Brad Pitt again; he insta-nexted me
Partner #10: Eww!! A girl with a vag pump! Gross!; I can't hit next fast enough!
Partner #11: Can't see a person, just a dark lit room; next!
Partner #12: An innocent looking teenage boy, he looks young like a kid; he nexts me after a few seconds
Partner #13: A dude with a tan curtain behind him; he nexts me after a few seconds
Partner #14: A college looking girl; she nexts me
Partner #15: A young dude with his shirt off; I say "hi" and asks if he owns a shirt; he nexts me

Partner #16: Another dude with headphones but from Venezuela; we chat until he wants to start playing "games" and I next him
Me: hello
2nd Headphones Guy: dont see camera
Me: yeah, sorry I don't have one yet - just checking out this site =)
Me: wanted to see what all the buzz is about
2nd Headphones Guy: are you male or female?
Me: female
2nd Headphones Guy: how old?
Me: 25
2nd Headphones Guy: oh and wher are you from?
Me: in Illinois, not too far from Chicago
Me: what about you?
2nd Headphones Guy: venezuela
2nd Headphones Guy: :)
Me: oh cool
2nd Headphones Guy: not so much
2nd Headphones Guy: i wish i live in usa
Me: oh? why's that?
Me: things aren't so hot up here right now - with the unemployment and recession and all that
2nd Headphones Guy: mmm
2nd Headphones Guy: jajajaja
Me: my town's got a record high unemployment rate - we're at 17% and rising!
2nd Headphones Guy: im bored lets play something
Me: like what?
2nd Headphones Guy: dont know you tell me
Me: lol I have no clue
Me: what games can you play on here?
2nd Headphones Guy: oh... kind of erotic games fun games etc
Me: yeah... think I'll pass - sorry!
Partner #17:  All I see is a girl's belly - next!
Partner #18: A shirtless dude; he insta-nexts me
Partner #19: A girl in a light blue plaid bikini top promoting her nude webcam site; I next her after she invites me to visit the site and I tell her I'm female and not interested

Partner #20: A dude in white t-shirt, he looks bored and insta-nexts me
Partner #21: A really nasty ad for some porno webcam site - I couldn't "next" this fast enough!
Partner #22: A shirtless dude with a cool chest tattoo over left pec, I didn't get to ask him about it or compliment it though as he nexted me
Partner #23: Another ad for some porno site

Parther #24: A dorky looking guy with glasses picking his nose while he realizes his webcam is on and hurries to next me before I can comment on it
Partner #25: A dude jerking it
Partner #26: Another dude jerking it...

And that concludes 15 minutes of Chatroulette (I tend to leave after all I start getting is porno ads and genitals).

What have we learned?
There's A TON of guys on this site - very few girls, and guys with ear/headphones on will chat with you even if you don't have a webcam.

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