Celebrity Apprentice 3 wrap-up

Awhile back I mentioned I was looking forward to watching this season of Celebrity Apprentice.

This past Sunday was the finale and Bret Michaels won. I knew him and Sharon Osbourne would make it pretty far and Holly Robinson Peete was pretty much a shoo-in. I honestly thought it would going to be Sharon going up against her instead of Bret, but Sharon kinda shot herself in the foot when she said she wasn't sure if she wanted to beat Holly.

The final challenge was to create a Snapple drink, design the label and film an ad for it in 3 days and they each had the help of 2 former contestants - Bret got paired with Darryl Strawberry and Holly's #2 all season Summer Sanders, while Holly got stuck with Curtis and Maria who had clashed with Holly earlier in the season.

Holly created Compassionberry, which is a berry flavored drink that was supposed to tie in with her HollyRod charity that helps families with autistic children. Bret's goal was to create a diet drink that didn't taste like crap, as being diabetic he grew up only drinking diet drinks and none tasted good and with his charity being the American Diabetes Association, he thought making a drink that those with diabetes could drink would be a great tie-in, which it was. His drink is a tropical, fruity one called Trop-A-Rocka with a rockstar vibe to it.

Both drinks are available in stores - I found them at Walmart today. Either Bret's is selling out faster than Holly's or Walmart only stocked Holly's near the front with other Snapple flavors, as I had to go all the way to back of the store to find his. I woulda bought both if they sold them individually, but unfortunately I could only find them in 6 packs and being $4.98 a pack, I only wanted to spend the money on one right now.

I had one tonight - not being much of a tea or Snapple drinker, it wasn't bad! Hubby said you could tell it lacked sugar though, as he thought it would have tasted better with some in it. Bret appeared on Jay Leno the other night - he even joked that you can mix in a little vodka to make it taste better if you wish, lol...


  1. I love snapple! I wanna try them :)

  2. Holly never looked that good on 21 Jump Street. MAN.

    I usually dislike Celebrity Apprentice, but it was really good this time.

  3. Yeah, I never really watched any seasons of the Apprentice prior to this, save for an episode here or there when I was in the dorms at college as I had a suitemate one year who loved it.

    Never saw her on 21 Jump Street, but I remember he from Hangin' with Mr. Cooper on ABC's TGIF with Mark Curry! She was his hot his roommate while the other girl that lived with them was more of a tomboy, lol...


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