One year later...

So it's been a year since "the incident," as it happened the day after Mother's Day last year.

Not a lot of people know the specifics (other than hubby did something stupid that really hurt me) or what we went through in the months to follow.

I guess it's good that despite what happened, it's been a year now and we're still together and still discuss our future together and are making some pretty big plans.

The memory isn't as frequent anymore, as it really only comes up when someone online mentions a similar situation they're currently in, so I guess that's good... I still struggle with the trust sometimes though, which I guess is normal. We had 13 years of trust built up when it happened and as much as I want to trust him again like I did prior, it's still in the back of my mind that it could happen again, despite him assuring me that it won't. I guess it's one of those things that only time can fully mend and repair. At least he's been helpful and more cooperative with me when it comes to me doing certain things I feel I need to for my own sanity's sake.

Things were rough for awhile there but it seems like now we're in a completely different and much better place than we were a year ago.

So here's to continuing to move forward together and put what happened in the past behind us.

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  1. Whatever it was, I'm glad you were able to move past it. As long as you're happy - that's what is important :)


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