Music Shuffle Monday (05.03.10)

1. "Judgement Day" by Salivahttp://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png
This song is off Saliva's latest album "Cinco Diablo." To be honest, I hadn't listened to the entire album, but this song doesn't sound too bad. Sounds like typical Saliva - nice and heavy. Not really a whole lot to say about this track, other than I recall the songs I've heard off this album have been good so far (minus Saliva's obligatory "hey we're back, this is our new album!" opening track, which drives me nuts to no end!)

2. "Take a Picture" by Filter
This is one of those "classic" feel good, melodic new millennium songs, as I'd like to say I was in high school when it came out, however at least 10 years later, I still this hear this one on the radio from time to time and you can hear it played in a lot of movies and on soundtracks that came out around year 2000. Definitely one of Filter's lighter songs, if I recall - the first time I heard Filter was in Jr. High and I recall the album I heard being A LOT heavier - when this song came out I had a hard time realizing it was the same band, as this song is pretty different!

3. "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" by Dethklok
Dethklok is probably one of my favorite metal bands and what makes them even more awesome is that it's a cartoon band, like the Gorrillaz! Yes, I'm a fan of the dark comedy cartoon Metalocalypse which airs on Adult Swim - I find Brenden Small's satire on metal bands to be quite humorous, and to be honest, both of the albums they've put out since the show first aired have been really solid as metal albums. Unfortunately I've missed both times they've come to Chicago on tour, as I hear it's set up similar to how the Gorillaz would tour - the live studio band on stage, playing under the animated band on a giant screen above them. While I've listened to the first Dethalbum more and am more familiar with the songs on that one (which most were from the first season), I gotta say, Dethalbum II is just as solid.

4. "Secret" by Audio Adrenaline
This is one of the Christian Rock bands I grew up listening to in Jr. High and the first half of high school, and the album this one's on (Bloom) was one of the first Christian Rock albums I had too (the first was dcTalk's Jesus Freak). Gotta admit, for being mid-late 90s, it wasn't bad, as it's just as heavy as a lot of the "secular" rock bands you hear on the radio.

5. "Binge" by Papa Roach
This is off Papa Roach's first big debut album "Infest" and it's basically about a guy wallowing in his problems by binging. It's got a catchy guitar riff though and it's one of those songs where it's like "here's what I'm doing, here's what I should do, don't do what I'm doing." I've always liked Papa Roach since their debut though as they're songs are easy to relate to and can be used to help motivate to better yourself.

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