Celebrity Crushes part 3

Continuing in a brief series, previously I shared which actors I have huge crushes on, as well as some of my favorite actresses.
Continuing the trend with sharing some of my favorite females, here are some of my favorite female musicians!

1. Gwen Stefani
Gwen, Gwen, Gwen... with a style all her own I really looked up to her in my junior high years. She had some of the coolest clothes and I LOVED her music with No Doubt. Their breakthrough album, Tragic Kingdom, came out when I was in the 5th or 6th grade and my friends and I LOVED it. Gwen was so cool - I wanted to be like her! Granted, her fashion in later years has gotten a bit on the wacky, artistic side, but she's still an icon when it comes to female musicians.

2. Amy Lee
Frontwoman of Evanescence, Amy was the hot gothic rocker chick I felt I could identify with in college. She rocked, her clothes rocked and yeah... Not really a whole lot to say about her, other than I really like her.

3. Shirley Manson
The face of the band Garbage, Shirley really stood out with her red hair and had an energy that really matched the music. Garbage is one of those bands that's really neat, as they mold different sounds to create the music and then Shirley goes back and puts lyrics to it. Really neat! Personally, I prefer her longer hair look compared to her shorter hair.

4. Lzzy Hale
A newcomer in the world of rock, Lzzy's the frontwoman of Halestorm and she really seems to be channeling Joan Jett in both her look and sound, especially in their video for "It's Not You." I got to see her and the Halestorm boys this time last year and she really does rock! Not only is she awesome on vocals, but she also plays guitar.

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