May To-Do list

A handful of bloggers that I read do this thing at the beginning of each month where they set goals for themselves for just that month, post them on their blog, and then on the last day of the month, share how they did in reaching those goals.

It seems like a neat idea so I figured I'd try it for this month, so here goes my list.

1. Read 4 books this month
I spend too much time online as it is, while I have a bookshelf full of books I want to read, so why not do that instead?

2. Exercise at least twice a week
I've been slacking on this one a little bit this past week and a half, as one of my brother in law's has been sleeping on our couch and so I haven't been able to use the Wii or exercise bike at night while hubby's at work, but we think he's leaving tomorrow, so I should be able to get back into this habit.

3. Get caught up on Entourage
Hubby and I started watching this series on SpikeTV, although the new season starts in June and we decided that since Entourage and True Blood are on the same night, why not get HBO for the summer and watch them when they first air, rather than wait for someone to put them up online? Spike's only halfway through the 3rd season, so we downloaded the rest of the series in hopes that we'll be caught up by the new season premiere at the end of June.

4. Work on design stuff
I have a few projects my dad asked me to work on for him and the company he works for, so that's exciting, and I'd like to do more stuff on Zazzle too.

5. Call Mary Kay corporate and get the ball rolling on sending back the rest of what I have
I've sold a good amount of what I have left onhand, but there's still a lot left and I need to get money for that to pay off the MK Visa I used to purchase it all. The company will buyback 90% of what I've purchased since I started, so I should be good, I just need to get the ball rolling on it.

6. Finish my panels for above the stove
I bought a few little canvas squares awhile back to make my own artwork for above our stove as I couldn't find any in the stores that I liked well enough. I got the solid colors on em but I haven't gotten around to finishing them.

7. Put together a centerpiece for our table
Our kitchen table is kinda bare, save for our cat sometimes lounging on it, and I've been wanting to put together something nice for it but haven't really decided on what. I have a few ideas though...

8. Try a new food
We eat out from time to time, so why not try something new?

9. Spend sometime with friends
I have too much free time and hubby works a lot so I'm home alone a lot and it gets boring! I need to spend more time around friends - I'm starting to feel like a loner away from my computer! How sad is that??


  1. I'm excited you're going to be doing this too!! And I see you want to read 4 books... maybe that's more inspiration for me to finally finish reading ONE book... but I probably wont. Le sigh.

    It's the 3rd and I havent posted my list yet... oy..

  2. well I know I'll be reading/finishing one book this week, as the next one in one of my favorite series comes out midnight tonight and I usually read those in 2 days, that's how into them I get =)

    Plus I have one I'm about halfway through and need to finish, as I hate starting a book without finishing the current one ><


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