My first Blog Award!

High on Life's Angela created this award the other day to celebrate us Geek Girls here in Blogland and it was award to me by Kara at Crayons and Cylons!

My first blog award - how exciting!
The Geek Girls Unite award!

Here are the rules:
List ten geeky facts about yourself and Pass this award onto your favorite female geeks!

Sounds simple enough!

  1. I'm a "recovering" World of Warcraft addict and started playing 5 years ago this month even though I'm currently on a brief hiatus you have no idea how tempted I get to reactivate my account! I can actually hold my own in the game and know what I'm doing, being a decent raider when play. It's also my fault my husband and his brothers played, as he started playing after I talked it up, lol...
  2. I can relate so many words/phrases into WoW or other geek references - this has happened in church during sermons before and I tend to get hubby to laugh when I point them out to him, lol...
  3. I've always enjoyed reading books and truly getting lost in a series, only putting the book down when I *have* to. While some kids would show off their Pogs or sports cards or whatever, me and my friends would bring our books to school and show them off to each other!
  4. I had a HUGE X-Files obsession when I was in 5th-7th grades. I wanted to be on the series when I was old enough and be Alex Krycek's girl, I participated in writing fanfic's on the old Prodigy BBs back in the day, everything I did could be related to the X-Files (I should get pictures of some my artwork from 5th grade art class and post em! lol...)
  5. I used to go to ACEN - the big anime convention just outside Chicago every May, however the past few years I either couldn't afford to go or afford to take the time off work to go. When I did go though, I used to dress up and cosplay (I'll have to make a post and share my costumes!). 
  6. I have had a conversation with my husband discussing the various degrees of "geekdom" - we decided that the first degree is labeled "dork" which includes casual gamers, you like some geeky things but you wouldn't really consider yourself "one of us" as you're not very hardcore - the majority of people you encounter can fall into this category. The second degree is "geek" - you're a pretty hardcore gamer, can discuss the mechanics of the games among mechanics of other geeky things, you keep up to date on geeky things, have some obsessions with geeky things, look for geeky things to wear or novelty items just to have, etc - this is the category I would say I fit in. Then the 3rd degree is "nerd" - you go out of your way to read the mechanics of things just for fun, they're hardcore gamers, they're extremely smart and they know it, you can generally tell the nerds apart from the geeks as they seem to have an even deeper intense knowledge and intelligence about than most everyone else. They do complex math in their heads, have science related majors, etc. My hubby would fall into this one.
  7. While I'd have to say comedies are my favorite movie genre, I do enjoy most Sci-fi and fantasy flicks. 
  8. I had a Mac before they were "cool" or "in."
  9. If it were only up to me, I would name my first son Atreyu after the character in the Never Ending Story and call him Trey for short because I just think that makes for an AWESOME name! Unfortunately hubby has veto'd this, as he didn't like the Never Ending Story, but I still hope to change his mind! hehe
  10. These days I wear my glasses instead of my contacts the majority of the time.

I could probably write more, but these are the first 10 that come to mind =)

I'm giving this award to....

Feel free to pass it on, ladies!


  1. Atreyu, huh? That's pretty geeky! And I'm totally going to my very first ever con this year, so I'm super excited about the cosplay! I'll be posting mine and Hub's costumes once they're made.

  2. Omg, thank you so much!!! ^_^ I will pass the geek girl touch to my online friends! Woot! WOW female geeks ftw! :)

  3. Yay! Thank you, you've made my day :) I can't wait to pass the award along in a day or two...

    I love that your husband plays WoW because of you. So often you hear it the other way around--the girlfriend or wife starts playing because the guy's doing it. We need more of those reversals!

  4. Thanks for the award. This is by far, my favorite blog award! Can't wait to give it out! And I can't wait to add the other winners to my google reader. Thanks!

    I also got two of my exes into WoW. Fun at the time, but not fun when we broke up and they were still on my server! Also a couple of friends. One who got even more obsessed than me!

  5. Congrats, fellow geek girl! I got the award too and I have been checking out everyone's blogs so as to meet more cool bloggers. First of all, love your blog, adding you to my reader right now.

    Second of all your husband will come around to Atreyu. Just tell him that my significant other wants to name our future sons and daughters after Final Fantasy characters, and that might give him some perspective.

  6. Awesome! I loved reading these. ^_^ Congrats on your first blog award!

    WoW is amazing ♥ We just renewed our subs. After being gone from February until now, we mostly did a little questing after checking our bags and the bank account. I also like the new gold border they put over quest items in your backpack and other bags (even bank bags!)

    I almost always throw away a quest item >.<

    I do number 2 and number 3! I'm currently reading Fablehaven. It's fantasy and AMAZING.

    As for number 5, I cannot wait to go to an anime convention. Show us pictures!!!

    And 6... I would say I am a geek, currently. ;)

    Number 10. Glasses are AWESOME!!! I love how glasses look. ^_^

  7. @Eleni Yes we do!!

    @Kara you'll love it! The cool about the one I went to, was that while it was mostly anime, you also had people dressing up as other stuff just because they could - one year I saw a Bender from Futurama, this year I saw photos of a guy dressed as Tony Stark - all suited up but you could see the chestpiece all lit up under his shirt, it was really cool looking!

    @Soph oh i know! when my ex and I first broke up (then when I started dating hubby soon after) we were all still in the same guild, raiding together too - we actually kinda messed up an entire raid because we got in a 3-way fight, lol... we were doing our weekly BWL run and kept wiping on the first boss because the 3 of us had a little 3 way fight going on in a private channel we shared cuz my ex found out my hubby and I started dating and didn't like it cuz he thought they were friends (they weren't though - hubby never liked him, he was just put up with him for my sake, lol). My ex was supposed to be tanking his mob, hubby was supposed to kiting his mob and I was supposed to be helping heal... with all 3 of us distracted, no wonder we kept wiping! lol...

    He jumped over to my roommate's server a few months later to play with her boyfriend/his roommate (hubby and I left the guild before that though for other reasons) and he's eventually moved all his toons over there.

    @Melissa - haha that's funny! Hubby wouldn't mind naming a boy after one of WoW shammy, Jaydran (or tweeking it to fit a girl), I veto'd that although for a boy, the more I think about it, the more I guess it's not bad... but NOT for a girl though, lol...

    @Angela - with the quest items, I have a habit of doing that too sometimes, lol... I'll have to check out Fablehaven!

  8. Oh I'm so excited!! Thank you! This is my first award too :D

    I just got back on Wednesday, so I have a lot of catching up to do.. but this was definitely a nice surprise :)


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