The "In My Daughter's Eyes Project"

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Last night I came across a post about this fun, interesting project that one woman - Janae from Pink Moss - is doing, where women can submit a letter they write to their 12 year old self and she'll include it on a website and maybe even a book. It's called the "In My Daughter's Eyes Project" and sounds like a really neat idea.

If you could send a letter to your 12 year old self, what would you say? What life lessons have you learned so far that you would tell yourself?

Project: In My Daughter\
Janae from Pink Moss has six, beautiful daughters. She realized that society was sending her daughters mixed messages about their beauty, and wanted to find a way to show them how beautiful every woman truly is.  She decided to reach out to all the women in her life and on the internet, asking them to contribute to her project.

And you don't even have to have a blog to participate - you can just type up your letter in Word or Notepad and email it to Pink Moss.

Right now it's only for women (sorry guys!), but who's to say a guy can't still do it and post it on his blog?

Here's the rules for it  if you're interested in participating.

  1. Write a letter to yourself that you wish you could have read when you were 12 years old. Give yourself advice on how to feel happy and beautiful as you start going through the normal changes we all go through in adolescents, teenage years, marriage, mothering into grand mothering..or never having children of your own. Whatever the case may be.
  2. Get a portrait picture of yourself OR with your kids/family/mother....whatever.
  3. Send it to her via the "Send a Note" tab on her blog.
  4. Share it on your blog if you have one by linking back to her.

"I am so excited about the response already, I can hardly stand it! I was worried at first that nobody would be interested, but I can see now after not even a full 24 hours that this is something people need and want to read about. THANK YOU for helping me make women feel just a little bit better about themselves, one letter at a time!"
                                                                                    -Janae @ Pink Moss
There currently isn't a deadline on it, but I'd suggest doing it soon, as she first posted the project a few weeks ago.

I'm planning on participating - are you?

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