Jaden Smith looks like Riley from The Boondocks

Hubby told me about this one earlier tonight, as we both have an LOLsite app on our Droids and skim through the latest LOLs/FailBlogs/etc. and I just had to look it up and see for myself:


Yep, I would have to agree! Will Smith's kid Jaden as the new Karate Kid definitely looks like a real-life version of Riley from The Boondocks with the cornrolls and white beater top! I think they're about the same age too...

If they ever made a live action Boondocks, they'll know who to cast as Riley!


  1. After so man years I only realise it now, u right real live version n the voice sound kinda da same, don't you think??

    1. Yep definitely! Thanks for commenting!


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