December Goals and 2010 Resolutions

At the start of each month I've been posting monthly goals for myself and looking back at the previous month's goals to see how I did. Also, at the beginning of 2010 I had made a post of some resolutions I had made for this past year.

As mentioned earlier today - instead of making resolutions this year, I'm starting the 101 in 1001 project, which I'll be blogging about as I accomplish items on that list.

But... I didn't want to leave you guys hanging on how I did with December's goals or my resolutions for 2010!

So, goals I made for December:

1. Not stress about the glucose stuff
I guess I did okay with this one. I did complain about it from time to time, but I've been trying to stick to the low-carb diet (which was hard at Christmas with 2 big homemade dinners!) and I've been doing as instructed by my doctors and it seems to be working.

2. Enjoy the Holiday Season
I'd say I accomplished this - I enjoyed going out shopping in the so-called hustle and bustle (which actually wasn't that bad this year, sadly), watched some Christmas specials, burned some Christmas-y candles and decorated our place all Christmas-y too.

3. Don't get stressed at work, despite crazy holiday shoppers
This really wasn't an issue as they hardly had me working as business was sadly slow this year out at the mall! When I did work it, they usually had me working the floor, keeping the displays and clothes neat and organized and helping customers find what they were looking for.

4. Play some Wii
I have quite a bit lately! I spent some holiday money and got us a few new games that were on our Christmas list, including Mario Party Wii and I've been playing that quite a bit... when hubby isn't hogging the big TV playing CoD: Black Ops on the PS3 he got for Christmas =D

5. Finish my book and start a new one
Sadly no... I did read a good 100 pages or so but I was pretty busy with doctors appointments and holiday-related stuff that I just didn't have a whole lot of spare time to read.

6. Get out and visit with some friends
I spent some time over at a good friend's place for a day, so I guess that kinda counts... and hubby had some of the guys from work over too a few times so that was fun.

7. Work on my latch hook project
I did a little bit one night but that was it...

And now looking back my 2010 resolutions!

*Keep up with the dishes
I was pretty good about this one for the most part - sure there were a few times I let them pile up, but it wasn't nothing I couldn't handle and the sink didn't get too crazy full and out of control =)

*Lose some weight
I lost about 4-6lbs total before I got pregnant... and then while pregnant, starting my low-carb diabetes diet they have me on I lost probably 5lbs the first week. As far as pregnancy weight goes, they say 25-35 is the average range and I've gained just between 25-30 total, so that's actually pretty good and they say I should be able to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (or close to it) fairly easily with breastfeeding and the diabetes low-carb diet.

*Get rid of unnecessary debt
Well we paid off all the old debt hubby had under his credit, however we did add a little more debt to the credit card and I opened a Best Buy card under my credit. Fortunately though the credit card we should be able to pay off our added holiday debt (the TV) and the car accident deductible (as we didn't have the money upfront to pay it) this month or the next and the Best Buy card has a low enough minimum payment with no interest for 18 months that we'll be able to pay it off fairly quickly as we didn't put *that* much on it.

*Buy a house
Still working on this one, but we found out in November we're so very close and if it weren't for stupid Chase we would probably be moving into our new home this month. At this point we're expecting (or rather hoping) to be moved this spring, ideally in March or April.

*Earn my Red Jacket
Well I quit Mary Kay so this one's out.

*Go to Dallas

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