These past weeks, in the World of Warcraft....

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_utpn85k5ndo/S6kDD58AjvI/AAAAAAAAAKg/al0aeux5keA/s1600/warcraftwednesdays-logo.gifSo these last few weeks in the World of Warcraft have been quite productive!

On my Boomkin druid, I finished up my quests in Uldum and then conquered the Twilight Highlands within 24 hours, finishing all the basic questing/leveling content in the expansion.

Here's some memorable highlights:

I came across Gobbles the Turkey in Uldum and of course I had to /yell "GOBBLES!!!" really loud just like Timmy does in that one South Park Thanksgiving episode.

I did a questline that crossed Inglorious Basterds with Indiana Jones - it was pretty amusing! The little goblin guy there talks like Christoph Waltz's character did in Inglorious Basterds - I only wish Blizzard had actually gotten Waltz to voice the character as that would have been awesome!

Last week, Bethany of Sorority Girl Plays WoW posted about a Dwarf wedding questline which I ended up doing just days later.

As a Boomkin, I escorted Fanny down the aisle and then stood in as her maid of honor.

I spent an afternoon this past week leveling up my goblin warlock Sprakle on my old roomie's server, which you may remember I created and played during the Beta last summer. I got Sprakle up to level 12 and picked up the first quests for Azshara. I didn't quest in Azshara during Beta so I look forward to more new content!

Also, last night I started leveling up my Belf hunter to see how playing the higher level expansion content differs from alliance to horde. So far, the quests in Hyjal have all been the same. I'll admit though, it has been nice not having to fight a ton of other people for mobs and quest items this time around, as I started leveling my Boomkin at release. The downside though is that the respawn rate is still the same, so I no sooner get done killing a mob and begin looting than does the mob respawn right on top of me and I can't seem to get away! Doh!

I did learn though that having a gathering profession makes a HUGE difference in how fast you level! My Boomkin is a skinner/enchanter and you don't get XP for skinning things. My Belf though is a miner/jewelcrafter... and let's put it this way, I hit level 81 on her in maybe 2 and a half hours max last night, getting the same amount of XP per each mine I mined as I did killing a mob! How crazy is that?! On Sprakle I only took up tailoring as I figured I could always pick a gathering profession later, however after learning this, I think I might run back to Ogrimmar and pick up one to help level faster!

Another thing I learned on my hunter - they're still pretty OP'd (over-powered) which I don't mind at all! Perhaps it's because I have a pet to tank for me, but I found myself soloing certain named mobs a lot easier than I did on my Boomkin!

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