Things Our Kids Will Be Clueless About

Last week, a friend on Facebook posted a highly amusing status that got a bunch of us reminiscing about old school video games and gaming consoles.

His original status:
3 kids in a used game store yesterday:

Kid 1: holds up NES cartridge "HAHA, what system is THIS for? Like... P.S.? Like before the PS1?"

Clerk: "No man, thats for NES, you've never heard on an NES?"

Kid 2: "Well, does it have good graphics?"

Clerk: "Well, it has good graphics for an NES game."

Kid 3: holds up N64 cartridge "They had NBA games in 1998!?"

Some of the comments to the status included:
I don't walk around picking up Commodore 64s all like "Hey man wtf is this like a Windows 0? Like Before Windows XP!? They had computers in the PAST!?"
or "A joystick? What's that?"
I'd have been all like "Yeah, and you have to blow on it to make it work too! Even though it wasn't even ever proved whether blowing on it helped or not."
I told hubby about it too and he had a good laugh!

Hubby and I often stop and think sometimes about how certain things we remember and grew up with are going to be completely foreign to Jay and our other future kids.

Some of these things include:
  • DOS
  • Floppy Disks
  • Cassette tapes
  • Walkmans
  • VHS tapes (although we still have a few as well as a DVD/VCR combo player)
  • Vinyl records
  • Having to manually turn a knob to change the channel on the TV
  • Telephone's with the circular dial to dial numbers (I hated those!)
  • Laser discs
  • How "rare" and special it was to see a 3D movie
  • Phone books and yellow pages - most places have a website to look up that info or you can get a number from someone's Facebook profile
  • Writing a letter by hand and sending it via "snail mail"
  • Disposable cameras and the joy of waiting for the film to develop only to realize you forgot to use the flash in half the photos!
  • Pay phones
  • Physically going to a video store to rent a movie or video game
  • Polaroids
  • Waiting all afternoon, listening to the radio just to hear your favorite song so you could record it on a cassette
  • A wristwatch (all phones have a clock on them, making wristwatches just a piece of jewelry these days)
  • Going to the library and checking out books for research papers
  • Dial-Up internet

Can you think of any others?


  1. Ahh this makes me totally nostalgic. I remember shoving blankets around the computer so that my parents couldn't hear the crazy modem sounds when I was trying to sign onto AOL to talk to boys too late at night, ha!

  2. Haha I remember doing the cassette thing... and I'd have to try to hard to keep from the radio announcers voice from being in the song. And NES might not be great graphics, but the games still kick ass.

    Buuuut I will never miss dial-up internet, lol

  3. I have a deep, deep passion for floppy disks. Any children that I have in the future are going to know what they are because I'm going to make them floppy disk necklaces.

  4. lol... dial-up internet was just painful! I remember being online and my parents would get phonecalls, kicking me offline or sometimes they'd get complaints because I'd be online for hours and people couldn't get through on the phone lines, lol...

    Before my parents upgraded to high-speed cable just a few years ago I tried to play WoW once on dial-up... it was soooooo bad!

    I was soooo sad a few months after hubby got his desktop when I went to go play Classic Concentration via floppy disk and learned there was no floppy slot! I asked him what was up with that and he informed me they don't make computers with floppy drives anymore - wth?! How sad... I have a stack of old floppies in the drawer here with some fun games (CC, Wheel of Fortune, Carmen San Diego, etc) that I can't play because we don't have a computer with a floppy drive anymore! Boooooo


What's your thoughts?