Funny Android vs iPhone video

Not to upset any "iZombies" as the hubby refers to them (those that are obsessed with Apple products, especially the iPhones), but he shared this video with me the other day and it's actually pretty funny and typical of some customers/people who have come into his store asking about the iPhone/Verizon rumors.

Warning: NSFW due to some language

Basically, the one little guy works for a cell phone store and the other comes in asking for an iPhone. As most know (and if you don't, you will by the time the video's over), that when it comes to smartphones, Android phones are actually superior than an iPhone as they can do so much more (the exception being video chatting, but again, you need to be in a wifi zone to use it and the other person you're talking to has to have a phone with the video chat function on it as well for it to even work).

And no, I don't recommend using Sprint or AT&T for your phone service as I know too many people that have had service issues with both (only companies I've had zero coverage issues with are US Cellular and Verizon - I dropped T-Mobile after my 1 year contract was up as I didn't get any coverage outside major cities - I've never had any problems with US Cellular or Verizon). Not to mention, in the AT&T vs Verizon debate, Verizon gives you unlimited data for your smartphones for a flat rate (we took advantage of some promotion and instead of $29.99/mo per line we pay $9.99 instead), whereas AT&T doesn't even offer unlimited data - looking at their packages, my husband's 12 year old sister uses more data on her smartphone each month than what AT&T even offers - if they were on AT&T she'd be getting a ton of extra data overcharge fees!

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