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As mentioned previously on here, I don't watch a whole lot of reality TV aside from the former VH1 Celebreality shows like Rock of Love and its spin-offs, but I do occasionally watch shows like Gene Simmons Family Jewels or Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where basically the show follows the families around with a camera as they live their lives.

http://okeytvblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/keeping_up_with_the_kardashians1.jpgI guess they're kind of guilty pleasure shows - especially the Kardashians.

Khloe's probably my favorite of the 3 older sisters as I like how she seems to be more down-to-earth than the others and she's not stick-thin or perfect looking like Kim and Kourtney (in comparison to them, Khloe's the one that's struggled with her weight and towers over the other 2 as she's so tall). Gold medal Olympian Bruce Jenner, the Kardashian step-dad, is also another favorite of mine on the show as half the time he's clueless as to what's going on and when he finds out it's usually pretty amusing!

Anyways, last night, while waiting to take my dinner glucose reading (which was kind of late as I had insomnia the night before and slept in really late throwing off my entire eating schedule for the day), I caught an older episode of the show from season 2.

This episode I thought was amusing for 2 reasons:

1) Mom (Kris), Kim and Kourtney were all giving Khloe grief for being single and not having a man and they try to hook her up via internet dating without her knowing about it til after the fact. I thought this was funny as 2 seasons later (I think) Khloe's the only one of the 3 older sisters who's married and in a stable, healthy relationship!

2) Younger preteen daughter Kendell goes to mom (Kris) and asks for some money so she can buy a pair of shoes she really wants at the mall. Kris tells her she doesn't need anymore shoes and to go ask her father about it. Kris also starts lecturing Kendell, telling her she should really think about what she's wanting to spend money on before she asks because "money doesn't grow on trees." Kendell response "Yeah it does mom - it's paper!" LOL... owned! Iono... something about that just cracked me up - technically she IS right! It IS paper which comes from trees! LOL...

No real point here, just thought it was amusing and wanted to share!

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