Wedding Bells are Ringing!!

I have four - 4!- good friends getting married now within the next 2 years! I'm so excited for them and just because of the fact I love weddings! They're soooo much fun and it's neat to see how every wedding is done differently as each couple likes different things.

First one coming up, that we got a Save-the-Date card to, is my childhood best friend's wedding.

Us drinking hot chocolate at McDonalds in the late 80s after a day of sledding!
It's on the Friday before 4th of July and up in Minneapolis as she and her fiance live near the Twin Cities. I hoping that hubby is able to get the Thursday before off so we can drive up there and spend 2 nights in a hotel before driving back early Saturday for him to be at work. I'll be really sad if we can't go and I'd rather not drive up there and stay by myself, as it's like 5-6 hours away.

Us drinking fruity drinks at local cafe Octane
summer between my freshman & sophomore years of college
The next wedding isn't until December and it's a good friend of mine I've known for years. She was a freshman when I was a senior and she was one of the few freshman who somehow got stuck in the senior lunch period, but it was okay - my friends and I deemed her as one of the "cool" freshmen. I had known her a little prior too from church as we both volunteered in the summer at our church's summer kids day camp. Anyways, we kept in touch when I went off to college and hung out a lot. She lived with me and long-term college roomie for a year, although the 2 of them had some issues and that didn't work out very well. She ended up transferring to a school in the Chicago suburbs to get a court-reporting degree and I still keep in touch with her online and try to meet up with her when she's in town visiting. I'm excited for her though too as she's been dating her fiance for years - I actually met him when I was a freshman in college as he lived 3 doors down from me on my dorm floor and that's how they met!

Us during one of the youth groups
annual Snowcamp winter retreats
Summer 2012 an old friend of mine is finally getting married to the guy she started dating when we went off to college just over 8 years ago! I've known her since like kindergarten as we went to grade school together and eventually church too when my family switched churches in 2nd grade. We hung out in the same group of friends during high school youth group. She lives in Ohio now but is having the wedding back home here, as her and her fiance are both from Illinois (I think he's from the suburbs). I've been able to keep in touch with her via online over the years though and she's another one I see from time to time when she's in town visiting family. So excited for her too as she's been with the guy for so long, a bunch of us all agree, it's about damn time they finally got married! lol...

We had a pirate-themed party for her birthday one year.
Don't we make hot wenches?? Johnny Depp eat your <3 out!
August/September 2012 is the one I'm probably most excited for as I get to be part of it! I've mentioned before, my long-time college roommate is getting married! And she asked me to be a bridesmaid too so I'm really excited about that as in my "adult" life I've never gotten asked to be one before aside from a few friends saying after the fact that they wished they had asked me (last wedding I was in was my aunt's when I was 12 and I was a Jr. Bridesmaid so I wasn't all that involved). Although she moved down towards Dallas a year and a half ago, they're having the wedding up here in the suburbs where she's from. She's coming up in March to look at venues and stuff while she visits - can't wait! It should be fun and I look forward to helping her with planning stuffs as well as the actual wedding itself!


  1. that's nice that your friends are finally sealing the deal. I can see where it could be sad too, because this is yet another reminder that you guys are grown up and not the young youths you used to be. Well congratulations to all your friends!

  2. I want to get married in that hat.


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