Been AWOL, my apologies!

So I just realized I haven't updated in about a week... my apologies!

I was working on a post for Flashback Friday, but hadn't gotten around to finishing it in time - between 3rd trimester sleepiness and the medical stuff with my father-in-law I've been a bit preoccupied this past week! Also, I haven't played WoW much this week as stupid Comcast is being stupid, causing our internet to randomly spaz and go in and out every few minutes - I hope to run a Heroic Deadmines soon though!

http://gettingeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/twitter-bird.jpgYou can definitely keep up with me on Twitter though, as I find myself Tweeting quite often these days - I've enjoyed tweeting back and forth with those of you that follow me on there and keeping you updated on my day-to-day life!

In father-in-law related news - his kidney's still aren't working great and they're not entirely sure why. They ruled out the possibility of myeloma, which is a form of cancer, which is great, but still... it would be nice to know what the problem is! Hubby said they were planning on releasing him to go home sometime today as everything is stable and there's not really anything more they can do for him that requires him to stay at the hospital. They are planning on starting him on dialysis 3 times a week though to see if that doesn't help with his kidneys.

I've been working on a few things on my 101 in 1001 list this past week.

I obtained a pair of Skecher's Shape-Ups via Christmas money from my grandparents:

They look very similar to my old pair of Skecher's that I got like 10 years ago back in high school and have pretty much worn out as much as a pair shoes can be:
New Skechers Shape-Ups on the left, 10-year-old Skechers on the right

I *really* like them! I was afraid they'd be a little hard to get used to walking in, as the bottoms have that rounded bit to them, but they're not so bad. You can really tell they work though - just walking around the hospital in them I was starting to "feel the burn" and get a little winded (granted I am out of shape!). It snowed a bit the other day though so I haven't gotten to wear them out since (because they're brand new I'd like to keep them in nice shape for at least a little while!) but I look forward to getting good use out of them once the snow and slush clears up!

I also made some progress on item #4, as I finally watched our Netflix movie - The Blindside. I had wanted to see it in theaters last year when it was out but hubby wasn't interested and we didn't get around to it. It arrived via Netflix in November, but with the holidays I just wasn't in the mood to sit down and watch it when I could be watching Christmas specials, so I put it off and just now got around to watching it. It was pretty good though and showed a great example of how people should treat each those in need! I definitely recommend watching The Blindside at least once!

I got a few post ideas, as well as that Flashback Friday post I mentioned above, that I plan on working on and posting sometime this week, so don't fret! I didn't go anywhere - just took an unplanned blogging hiatus for a week =)


  1. I love the Blindside!!! Cool sneakers, glad to hear they actually work, i had my doubts.

  2. I hope you hear positive results about your father in law.

    Sorry about your Comcast service. I work for Comcast. You can contact us, provide your account info and a link to this page at the email provided below. We'll make sure that the problem is looked into.

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