34 Week Appointment and other news

Today I had my 34 week appointment, which seemed to take FOREVER as by 9am the my clinic was really backed up for some reason! I was there for 2 hours today when normally it doesn't take more than hour!

I was a bit scatterbrained this morning too - I was being lazy and didn't bother washing my face this morning, opting to throw on some quick mineral foundation, but in my quest to leave and be on time I realized halfway there that I forgot to brush my teeth, trim my "womanly" facial hair and I left my urine sample sitting on the bathroom counter. Honestly, I'm surprised I left the house in actual clothes and not pajamas! lol...

Anyways, we had the stress test again this morning - took us a minute to find Jay's heartbeat as we couldn't find it in the spot we had been the previous times, and they didn't have the volume up quite so loud, but regardless, he started squirming and getting all antsy/fussy like he usually does.

That took about 20 minutes and it was back to the waiting room to wait for our weekly quick ultrasound check of the placenta, fluid and his placement - that was a good 15-20 minute wait. Fortunately they had the movie Despicable Me playing in the waiting room today which was a nice change of movie, as usually they rotate between Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or one of the older musical classics like Sound of Music.

The ultrasound went quick - it seems Jay is still head down like he needs to be, but he's shifted a little bit which explains why we found his heartbeat for the stress test in a different spot. They said his fluid is measuring at 16.5, but that's still plenty and he seems to still have some space in there too. Next Monday we're doing another growth anatomy scan to see more accurately how he's doing size-wise and if we can expect him to be early or not at this point.

I met with the doctor briefly and was able to get my glyburide prescription refilled. She went over my glucose numbers with me too. A friend on Facebook who has diabetes suggested the other day that I try doing a few minutes of cardio after lunch to see if that helps my number any so I started doing 10 minutes on the exercise bike after lunch on Saturday and Sunday and sure enough, my numbers were under the cutoff. I mentioned it to my doctor and she said if I wanted to keep that up instead of increasing my dosage that that was fine with her, so we're going to try that and see if it continues to work, as the rest of my numbers look good.

I am quite surprised at just HOW MUCH of an affect 10 minutes of cardio after lunch can have on my glucose reading! For example, today I had a Jimmy John's sandwich for lunch and didn't exercise right away as I was a bit tired (more on that in a minute), I took my reading an hour later and it was 150 (remember, my cutoff is 140). I promptly dragged my butt over to the exercise bike and rode it for 10 minutes and took my reading again - 131! Talk about what a huge difference just a little exercise can make!

I've been super tired these past few days though - I practically feel like a narcoleptic I'm so tired during the day! I keep having to taking naps on and off... kinda annoying as I have other things I need to get done (like finish cleaning up our closet or work on my Mario Bros paintings). I also had my first bout of 3rd trimester insomnia as I couldn't for the life of me fall asleep last night - granted, I had Jay beating up on my uterus no matter what position I tried to sleep in, but still... I just could not fall asleep!

I worked at The Children's Place the other night, after hours. They had most of us there working on scanning and counting all the inventory. It wasn't too bad - a bit tedious, but a simple enough job to do. I spent a little time with a scanner but spent most of the night double counting clothes and rotating them.

We need to get finished on the closet in our bedroom in the next few days - I got my side of the closet cleaned out and hubby said he'd work on his tomorrow. I have a few trip-loads of stuff to take to the storage room down the hall though and I know hubby's going to have some stuff to take there of his too. Now the problem is figuring out how to get the changing table here and the couch in our bedroom to my parent's house, as my aunt has the changing table, but they're leaving for vacation on Friday and my uncle is out of town Monday through Wednesday and my dad is out of town til Friday and we need 1 other guy to help us move it. A thought occured to me though that at least 1 of my brother-in-laws is in town on Wednesday so hubby's going to see if maybe he can help... oh but I just realized, we have our Newborn Care Class on Wednesday night so that might not work as I'm sure it's going to take at least an hour to get there, carry it out of storage, drive it back and drop off the couch. Hm...

Also, I have an update on my father-in-law! They sent him today. His heart and lungs are stable, although they're still not entirely sure what the deal is with his kidneys as they're not doing a whole lot better. They are planning on having him do dialysis 3 times a week though to help with them. This is at least a lot better news that the scare we had the other day - there was some talk that he might have myeloma which is a type of cancer and they thought maybe that was causing his kidneys to not function! They tested him for it though and the results were negative, so that's good at least! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers though - they've been much appreciated!

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  1. lol if your slacking off now....wait till you have the baby. For the first month I was like 4 hours behind every morning lol. I even asked my husband if he would forget to brush his teeth and he laughed and said he forgets to brush his teeth, shave, and sometimes he cant remember if he took a shower that day or the day before haha


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