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Yesterday I actually worked at my design job for the first time since before Christmas. Across the street from the building our office is in is a Chinese buffet and just the thought of Chinese food made me crave it. Hubby agreed that we'd get Chinese food for dinner tonight. Then one of my brother-in-laws posted on Facebook this morning about steak and invited people to join him at the steakhouse for dinner tonight... steak and veggies sounds good too. I'm torn... I really want both, to be honest! Ah, what to do, what to do...

This past week hubby started feeding Tiger about half a dish (which is half a cup) of her food when we eat dinner to get her to stop being a pest while we eat (she's seriously been getting in my face while I try to eat like she thinks she's entitled to people food all the time). This is in addition to the full dish (which is 1 cup) of food she gets in the morning. I just noticed today - my skinny-minny kitty is looking a bit fatter!

My baby shower is a week from tomorrow. I can't believe that's already here! While I didn't post it on here, I did post on my baby blog about how I had a case of "preggo brain" and for some reason, while I've always known the shower was the last Saturday in January, I kept thinking the actual date was the 30th, not the 29th. I kept telling people it's scheduled for "the last Saturday in January - the 30th" and even wrote that down for my mom who was writing up the invites and had to go back and redo some of them when she caught my error! The icing on the cake though - a month ago at work I put in my request off for the shower... and put the date as the 30th! I even double checked the request off sheet last week when I worked only to get home and wonder... "did I request off the 30th or the 29th?" I had a feeling I put the 30th so I stopped by earlier this week, before they put together the schedule for this coming week, to double check and sure enough - I requested off the 30th! Oops!! Fortunately no one else had requested the 29th off so I just simply changed it on the sheet, but yeah... good thing I thought to double check - with my luck, the 1 shift I have next week would have been for Saturday during my shower! lol... how bad would that have been - not being able to attend my own baby shower which I've known about for months all because I had a case of "preggo brain"???

Speaking of baby... yesterday (the 20th) marked exactly 1 month left until Jay's estimated due date (Feb 20)! Again, I can't believe it's almost here! Where'd the last 8 months go??

Found out yesterday that we're apparently going to the Chicago Blackhawks game on Sunday, as one of hubby's Verizon co-workers' birthday is Sunday and I guess the guys got a block of tickets. That's right though, it's THIS Sunday. In downtown Chicago. On the same day as the BIG Bears vs. Packers game for the NFC Championship title. This could get a little interesting as things are expected to be a bit crazy in Chicago on Sunday! I've heard talk of riots happening regardless who wins the football game! Seriously - people around here are actually more excited and pumped up for this game than they are the actual Superbowl! Fortunately, the hockey game starts at 1130am while the football game isn't until like 2pm, so we should be getting out and leaving the city before any of the major madness starts, but yeah... should make for a fun and interesting day!

In father-in-law news... yesterday they had a bunch of people volunteer to come out to the house and do some demo work in their basement as that's where all the mold is that's been causing problems. They got the drywall and doors torn up but I guess people are going to have to come back later this week to tear up the carpet. He said he feels bad as they did all this remodeling work down there when they first moved in so the boys all would have rooms, but like someone pointed out - most of the kids are grown now, so it served its purpose (Hubby's older brother is married with 2 kids living near the Quad Cities, hubby and I live an hour away from his family, his oldest younger brother recently moved out and the next youngest is planning on moving in with a friend soon too - the only 2 kids still at home are hubby's 18 year old brother and 12 year old sis who's rooms were always on the top floor of the house anyway).

His dialysis seems to be going better - no more "code blues" like the first time. They're releasing him to go home again today, having him continue to do dialysis several times a week as an outpatient. Hopefully with all the work done yesterday, the house is in better condition for him now than it was when he tried to go home 2 weeks ago!

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  1. Trust me, even when your child is born, you're going to wonder that too. My baby boy will be a year old in March, and I often wonder where the time went.


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