Flashback to First Kisses, part 1

Dentyne Ice gum has a new commercial out, stating that the average person has "28 first kisses."

Now I'm assuming they're talking about first kisses, mouth to mouth, as why would you need to have amazingly fresh breath to kiss someone on the check or forehead, am I right?

When I first saw this commercial I turned to hubby and responded "28 for an average?! That's kind of a lot, isn't it?"

He shrugged and then we both took a moment to sit and count how many first mouth-to-mouth kisses we've each had. Hubby, being a guy, couldn't remember all his, but figured it was a number definitely under 28. Me? I can count mine with the fingers on both hands.

I figured for the next few weeks, this could be a bit of a fun series and have a Flashback to all my "first kisses."

My first kiss was in high school, the fall of my sophomore year.

My friends and I had just gotten back in town from a rather amazing time at our youth group's annual Fall Retreat weekend getaway up near Lake Geneva and some of us didn't want the fun time to end quite yet so we went over to this one girl's house to continue hanging out.

There was me, the girl who's house it was, my best friend, the guy friend I had an obvious crush on (he had been flirting with me all weekend too), and his best friend who was dating the girl who's house it was. Her parents had a trampoline in their backyard so we all went and jumped around on it for a bit before someone suggested we play truth or dare. I was a little nervous, as knowing the company I was in and my obvious crush on the one guy, I just knew someone going to dare either of us to kiss.

And I was right.

Someone dared me to french kiss him, however, having never had a kiss before, let alone a french kiss, I shyly responded "I... don't know how - I've never done that before."

He crawled across the trampoline towards me, saying "Here, I'll show you" and pulled his face in towards mine.

As soon as our lips were locked I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and immediately pulled back, falling backwards onto the trampoline, declaring "Whoa! That felt... weird..."

Everyone busted out laughing at my response, save for my crush, who just kinda blushed and I think felt a little embarrassed! I apologized, as I didn't mean to hurt his feelings or anything - it was just something new that I hadn't experienced before and didn't know what to expect!

In the next week or so we shared a few more kisses, usually achieved by using the excuse of "truth or dare" and each time it was a better, more comfortable experience, however we never ended up dating. He ended up asking out this other girl I went to school with (who knew I liked him and wanted to date him), citing that he had gone to Jr. High with her and they reconnected over Fall Retreat and he didn't want to risk us dating and messing up the friendship we had. I was hurt and upset and didn't really talk to him much the next few months, but we eventually made up and started talking and being friendly again.

Since that first kiss, I've had a handful of others - 7 more to be exact.

Stay tuned for next week!


  1. i remember all the kisses that meant something. what i have lost track of is kisses that happened drunkenly on a dance floor. i am classy, i swear.

  2. 28! That number seems huge.

    Thanks for sharing though :) These stories are always fun to read.

    I've had.. hmmmm... 7 I think

  3. I totally don't get the 28 kisses thing. Seems over-the-top. But I'm loving this series you've started -- can't wait to hear more!!


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